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Where To invest Trade Alerts

Read the June 6, 2016 — 

Where To Invest June 2016 

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Where To invest Trade Alerts

June 6, 2016

Market Strategies Newsletter – Sample Issue

 Where To Invest June 2016

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Contributing Staff: Michael King, Charles Moskowitz



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 Where To Invest market strategies

$10,000 Trading Portfolio
Charles Moskowitz Discussion

There are 4 Open positions:


Long 6 HL Sept Calls

Long 5 AA June 9 Calls

Long 4 TGT June 70 Calls

Long 7 SLV June 15 Calls


Funds in Use = $ 1207



Week 22 had another small profit of $68 bringing YTD gains back up to $4662.  We have 4 open positions using a total of only $1207.  These are half positions in AA and SLV calls as well as the original position in HL September calls and a newly originated call position in the TGT 6/70s that were reinstated after we got stopped out on the 50% down rule from $ .91.


Unfortunately we were unable to buy both Gold and Gold mining positions since although we got the move down we were expecting, it occurred while the futures were lower both Sunday and Monday night, but rallied into the open on Tuesday morning.  Instead, we did buy the SLV (silver ETF) on Thursday and sold half on Friday for a decent trade.  We still own half with a gain of $ .25 on a $ .38 call.


Again, the Friday numbers for employment gains was abysmal with a gain of 38,000 and while the talking heads did their best to spin it, it was bad, bad, bad. The growth of the economy is at best, lackluster.  This again puts the Fed in the position of not having the “data” to raise rates even the measly .25%.  They have clearly been behind the curve and missed the period of gains in unemployment of +200,000-250,000 when the demand was there.  They actually could have liquidated partial positions (for a profit) from their massive balance sheet.  I guess that would have lacked the esoteric value of a plan to do something nobody has a clue of how it would turn out, or how to liquidate it once it was built up.  On top of that issue, there is the absolutely manipulated unemployment rate.  The new number, 4.7%, is without any question well out of the realm of believability.  It is based on the “labor force participation” rate of 62.6, the second lowest in history.  Everybody is not retiring…they can’t find “real” jobs… If you’re over 60 and out of work you can count on being a greeter at Walmart, a bag boy (person) at a grocery, or if you have a decent car and a driver’s license, a driver for Uber of Lyft.  If not, you’d better add “would you like fries with that” to your vocabulary.


What is truly unfortunate is that this period of zero rates has destroyed the possibility of meaningful returns (without excessive risk) for seniors and late stage pensioners. The Dept. of Labor has added restrictions in allowable senior’s investments.  If you saved all your life and figured you’d be able to live off the income generated by CDs or savings accounts, not unreasonable over the last 50 years or so, you are out of luck. CAM

Market Strategies $10,000 Trading Account Trade Table


06/03 Sold 8 SLV June 15 Calls 0.69       552      248 Gain
06/03 Bought 4 TGT June 70 Calls 0.49 196
06/01 Bought 15 SLV June 15 Calls 0.38 570
06/01 Sold 4 TGT June 70 Calls ( 50% Loss Rule ) 0.46      184      180 Loss
05/26 Sold 5 AA June 9 Calls 0.71      375      120 Gain
05/20 Bought 4 TGT June 70 Calls 0.91 364
05/19 Bought 10 AA June 9 Calls 0.47 470
05/03 Bought 6 HL September 3.50 Calls 0.85 510


3rd Week expiration when the month is listed without a date


Previous closed out trades not listed here may be seen in previous market letters in the

VIP Subscribers Members Area.


Remember, these trades are based on your participation in the

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New Trades Options Account:


      1) Buy 4 CRY July 10 Calls @ $ 1.80


NEW Trades $ 100,000 account:                             


      1)  Buy 8 CRY July 10 Calls @ $ 1.80

      2)  Buy 200 BRKR @ MKT:

          Please Use Stop Close Only at $ 25.69


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