Where To Invest Radio Show March 13, 2012

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The Bill Chippas Investing News Radio Show featured David Mathews, CEO of Texas Gulf Energy (TXGE). Texas Gulf Energy (http://www.tgnrg.com/)  
is located in the energy capital of the world Houston, Texas, major international energy companies including Exxon Mobil, Conoco Phillips, Chevron, Valero, and others have utilized Texas Gulf Energy to complete major projects.It’s strategic partner is Industrial Maintenance International (IMI), located in Tunis, Tunisia.


David Mathews CEO of Texas Gulf Energy successfully built Inserv Construction Services in Houston from start-up mode into an industry powerhouse in only four years. Mr. Mathews and the Inserv partners then successfully sold Inserv for approximately $226,000,000 in 2007.


Observing many of the same industry conditions in 2011 that existed before Inserv Construction Services was built, David Mathews has reassembled the key members of this same team to build Texas Gulf Energy Inc


Industrial Maintenance International (IMI) is a Joint Venture partner with Texas Gulf Energy  represents Texas Gulf Energy through IMI offices in twenty three countries globally.


Research Report on Texas Gulf Energy 

Company website is http://www.TGNRG.com   

*Rule 17B Requirements — Disclosure – Princeton Research and or it’s principles own shares in Texas Gulf Energy.

Watch Show Recording: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/21081266


Listen to Show Recording: http://billchippasshow.com/2012/bcshow03132012.mp3

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