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issues trading notice for December 21, 2016

Stock options trading alerts

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best stock options trading alerts subscription service

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Stock options trading alerts December 21, 2016 trading strategies notice:


Just a short note tonight.  We continued the climb to 20,000 again today without much in the way of any economic or world news.  The market internals were supportive without being excessive with both A/D and volume roughly 2:1 up on both the NYSE and NASDAQ.


Again, the big names participated: GOOGL +2.70, AMZN+ 5.22, TSLA + 6.06 while FB and NFLX were fractionally lower.  In the financials, JPM + 1.14, BAC + .24 and the big leader, GS was +$4.02, just a 33% gain since early November.


As I mentioned on today’s radio show, I’m working on a list of “January Effect” stocks. These are companies that have been down for the year and undergo tax-loss selling at or near year end and tend to rise in early January.  We are already in one of these stocks, VRX. But I’m also looking at XCO, a natural gas play, GRPN, the big discount  coupon distributor, and WTW, Weight Watchers, which has a seasonal move after everyone is fat and unhappy about it and makes their New Year’s resolutions.


More to come after the First.

Stock options trading alerts

Stock options trading alerts subscription service