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Small Cap Stocks to Buy April 2016

April 19th Money Info Investment News show will feature live interviews with executives from

2 top undervalued small cap stocks to buy:

Medical Products Company,

RMS Medical Systems, Inc.

(Stock Symbol: REPR)

Chairman of the Board 

Andy Sealfon


Digital advertising company,

KSIX Media Holdings, Inc.

(Stock symbol: KSIX)

Chairman and CEO, 

Carter Matzinger

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Digital Advertising Stock News

KSIX Media Holdings, Inc.

Visit the KSIX Media Holdings Corporate Site:

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Read the KSIX Stock Report

KSIX Media is a Performance-Based Digital Ad Agency

KSIX Media Mission

The KSIX Media mission is to build a full-service digital ad agency that delivers trackable and high-performance results to our clients.  They seek to identify strategic acquisitions that add intellectual properties, new methodologies, IP, web assets, and human capital to our Company.  This allows KSIX to better service our clients through broader and more diverse resources as well as increase profitability.

As each division is created through accretive acquisitions, KSIX is creating unparalleled shareholder value for long-term capital growth.

KSIX Media Leadership

The KSIX Media leadership group consists of eclectic, results driven, fun, and down-to-earth people.
KSIX cares about each individual person, which translates into how we treat our clients that in turn creates results.

Digital Advertising company

Digital advertising company, KSIX prides itself on RESULTS.

Driving business and increasing revenue for publishers and advertisers is what they do.

KSIX understands the role of incentive, non-incentive, PPC (Pay Per Click), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mille), email marketing, Facebook Advertising, and traditional affiliate marketing models, and creating revenue with each.

Digital advertising company

Internet Traffic and Lead Generation Services

KSIX Media Subsidiaries

KSIX Media owns the following subsidiaries:

Ksix Network – Ksix Network has been in the affiliate marketing industry since 2005, playing a lead role in the growth of the incentive CPM (cost per mille) industry.

Blvd Media Group – BMG has been monetizing the internet since 2009 by focusing on lead generation, increasing click rates and ad revenues through two proprietary products, the RewardTool and AccessTool.

Internet Traffic Generation

Ksix Creative – Ksix Creative is an innovative multi-media digital agency specializing in ideation, copy, design, coding, and analytics.

Digitize IQ – A full-service digital lead generation agency. Digitize IQ is the largest lead generation company utilizing social media in the industry.

Internet lead generation

See More — Click Here

Digital Advertising Business Growth

KSIX Media Holdings, Inc. corporate growth and expansion plan includes acquiring companies well-positioned in niche markets with strong revenues and business models that leverage the power of affiliate marketing and targeted advertising online.


Companies on its radar are digital ad revenue generated businesses looking for an exit strategy and resources so they can focus on their core competencies while being part of a bigger company in a fast-growing niche market space

KSIX was founded on the principle that making money, having fun, and ensuring long-term success can all go hand-in-hand.


While the KSIX brand name may be new, the company has been involved in Affiliate Marketing since 2005, playing a leading role in the growth of the incentive CPA (Cost Per Action) industry and are now at the forefront of the non-incentive industry as well.


The Company’s knowledge and expertise on the Advertiser side dramatically increases revenue, while maintaining tight control over costs. Their performance-based marketing solutions drive you traffic and conversions while maintaining the Cost-Per-Action business model.

As a defacto digital ad agency, KSIX understands the role of incentive, non-incentive, PPC (Pay Per Click), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mille), email marketing and traditional affiliate marketing models, creating revenue with each.

KSIX is a leading in Facebook ad placement and management. They deliver to customers Facebook marketing and sales strategies that generate likes, engagement and conversions, while driving down costs and increasing the amount of leads gained (likes gained).

Online advertising services offered by KSIX include:

  • Lead Gen, Downloads (including Mobile)
  • Mobile surveys
  • Trial Offers
  • CoReg
  • Host & Post
  • Incentive Traffic (i.e. Virtual Currency)


Digital advertising company stocks

About Carter Matzinger – KSIX Media Holdings, Inc.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Matzinger has over 17 years of diverse experience including working with many Fortune 500 companies including: The Limited, CompuServe, Goodyear Tire, and Amoco.

For the past eight years, Mr. Matzinger has worked in the field of online marketing and has specialized in building large affiliate networks. He works closely with online advertisers and advertising networks to expand the reach of profitability of the Company.

His experience in search engine optimization, list management, and pay-per-click advertising provides a vast network of relationships and industry expertise.

Mr. Matzinger is the co-founder and President of Blvd Media Group, LLC, and KSIX LLC.

Mr. Matzinger is a graduate of the University of Utah in 1997 B.A. in Business Administration.

Digital Advertising stock KSIX

Digital Online Advertising Stock News


KSIX Media Completes Acquisition of DigitizeIQ

Acquisition Provides KSIX Expansion Into the Mass Tort Lead Generation Market

KSIX has completed acquisition of DigitizeIQ, a mass tort lead generation company that utilizes social media.

“We’re extremely excited to complete this acquisition and have DigitizeIQ become a part of KSIX Media,” stated Matzinger. “We’re thrilled to add a leader in mass tort lead generation, which opens up a whole market for KSIX. Facebook marketing aligns with our goals perfectly as we continue to seek niche-marketing companies in the digital advertising sector. We believe that DigitizeIQ is a perfect addition to our portfolio and believe it will increase value for our shareholders.”

See news


Medical Stocks To Buy

Medical Products Company,

RMS Medical Systems, Inc.

(Stock Symbol: REPR)

Chairman of the Board 

Andy Sealfon

RMS Medical Products is a U.S. manufacturer of medical devices which maintains offices and manufacturing facilities in Chester, NY. They employ 60 people. For more than three decades, the company has been a leading innovator in the medical device industry in the development and production of proprietary devices and supplies.

Principal products include  the Freedom 60 Syringe Infusion System, RMS High-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets and the RES-Q-VAC Medical Suctioning Pump. In addition to being regulated by the FDA which has the authority to approve medical devices for marketing in the U.S., RMS complies with ISO International standards for quality development and manufacturing. RMS Medical Products is a d/b/a of Repro-Med Systems, Inc which was founded in 1980.


Visit the corporate website:

Click Here For REPR stock quotes,

trading charts and latest news releases

See RMS Medical Investors Information Page with financials —Click here 


Undervalued Small Cap Medical Stock News

Repro Med Systems, Inc. Posts Strong Revenue Growth,

Productivity Gains and Announces New Interim Chief Operating Officer

See News Release


The Freedom60 has a proprietary technology

that makes it desirable for the

delivery of medications in a wide variety of  therapies.

Medical Products Stock news

It is very popular for the delivery of subcutaneous immunoglobulin for the treatment of primary immune deficiency disease. The infusion pump uses “ dynamic equilibrium” which safely adjusts the flow of medication in accordance with what the patient’s body can accept.

This minimizes complications often encountered with other infusion systems which can lead to site reactions and discomfort for the patient. The portability and simple operation of the FREEDOM60.

under valued medical products stock


Improves  quality of life for patients who otherwise might have to use a complicated electronic pump mounted to a cumbersome infusion pole. Patients then don’t have to be confined.



RMS High-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets are being welcomed by healthcare providers and patients alike for their consistently high quality. The infusion sets are an ideal companion for the company’s FREEDOM 60 pump, but can be used with any manufacturer’s infusion pump as well.


RES-Q-VAC is a hand-held suction pump used to clear a patient’s airway or for other purposes when reliable hospital quality suctioning is needed. It uses patented technology to protect users from airborne pathogens and spillage of suctioned material. It is used by emergency service personnel and other first responders, as well as in hospitals and other institutions. There also is a version for use by dentists. RES-Q-VAC is invaluable in the event of disasters where power is lost because it doesn’t require electricity.


top medical products stock


The Freedom 60 Syringe Infusion System is a method for administering medication through a small needle to the subcutaneous tissue, which is the fatty tissue just under the skin. Subcutaneous infusion allows medication into the vascular system more slowly. Combined with more frequent delivery this provides more consistent and stable blood levels. The elimination of large swings in these levels decreases side effects improving overall quality of life. RMS provides High-Flo needles to optimize liquid flow. Their smaller 26 gauge high flow needle flows at the same rate as the considerably larger 24 gauge needles,  which are considerably less painful when entering the skin.


under valued medical products stock news


REPR Annual Revenue and Profits Continue To Increase


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