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Money Info investment news show April 7, 2015 features stock market news, where to invest in April 2015 and small cap stocks to buy in the entertainment and oil sectors.

The show featured live executive interviews with

Energytek (Stock Symbol: ENTK )  future partner Terry Vickery, Managing Member of Energy Management Resources LLC

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Mr. Vickery discussed the recent EnergyTEK Corp. (ENTK) announcement that it has entered into a Letter of Intent with Energy Management Resources LLC (“EMR”) to form a joint venture to acquire the Working Interest of EMR, the lease operator, for up to 3 oil wells in Kentucky.

The acquisition would also include all existing equipment associated with the first well drilled by EMR.

Terry Vickery, Managing Member of EMR, commented,

“We are excited at the prospect of a joint venture with EnergyTEK in this promising oil production area, and look forward to completing our joint venture due diligence soon.”

 Small Cap Oil Stock News

 EnergyTEK Corp. Enters Letter of Intent to Joint Venture 3 Well Oil Lease and Equipment in Kentucky — April 7, 2015 —  See News

The show also featured small cap entertainment stock CEO

Jake Shapiro of

Moon River Studios Symbol

Stock Symbol: FONU

Corporate Site:

Get stock quote at Yahoo Finance: FONU

Small Cap Entertainment Stock News


FONU2 Inc. Announces New Trailer for the Movie “Yellow” Directed by Nick Cassavetes — Apr 9, 2015 — See News

FONU2 Inc. (FONU) announced today that the Company has released a new trailer for the dark comedy, Yellow, written and directed by Nick Cassavetes. Edited by famed film editor Jim Flynn, the trailer showcases the “visual powerhouse” that Yellow is. The film stars Heather Wahlquist (Alphadog, the Notebook), Sienna Miller (American Sniper, Foxcatcher), Melanie Griffith(Working Girl, Bonfire of the Vanities), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas, Terminator 2), Gena Rowlands, Max Theriot and others.


FONU2 Inc. Announces New Website — Apr 8, 2015 — FONU2 (FONU) announced today that it has updated its website to reflect the strategic direction of the Company. As previously announced, among the assets acquired by FONU2 was the Intellectual Property rights to the name “Moon River Studios.” The Company has been operating its Studio Construction and film projects under this name. — See News


New owner steps up to buy Moon River Studios, the former Medient Studios in Effingham County — February 10, 2015 — See News

Fonu2, Inc. (OTCBB: FONU) announced today it has acquired the 1,560 acre lease located in Effingham County, Georgia from Moon River Studios, Inc. (“Moon River”), located off Goshen Road in Rincon.

In addition to the lease, the Fonu2 has acquired certain intellectual property and trademarks associated with the project.

The property has an independently appraised value in excess of $22,000,000.


Indie Filmmakers Turning Heads on Wall Street — April 7, 2015 — See News

About FONU2, Inc.

FONU2 Inc. is a film studio and production and social commerce company actively developing a 1,560 acre film studio complex in Effingham County, Georgia. Pre-construction and engineering have begun on the site with the initial warehouses and sound stages following. In addition to building the studio complex, the Company is in negotiations to purchase various film equipment packages. Both the facility space and the equipment will be used by the Company for its own productions and made available for rental to third parties.

The Company has also acquired the worldwide distribution rights to Nick Cassavetes’ Yellow, and will be producing a major motion picture to be directed by Penny Marshall. The Company’s social media division has invested in the development of a precision sales and marketing platform that integrates into the social media networks.

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