Options Investing Strategies – November 28 Issue

Options Investing Strategies

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November 28, 2011, Market Strategies Guide to Successful Trading

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Special Note:  Charles Moskowitz appeared for an interview at StockLegends.com. http://www.stocklegends.com , we urge everyone to listen to the interview now available on our website at http://www.princetonresearch.com.

We have been asked to help those who do not wish to make a $100,000 commitment to an account to scale back the initial investment to a $10,000 account. 

We are answering this request with an account that will only trade options.  However, in order to take full advantage to this new account, you really need to also subscribe to our Texting service.  There is no cost involved, but in order to receive all of the trading suggestions, in a high volatility environment, we need to communicate more often than weekly.

To subscribe, simply

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New Trades for this week:

BUY 10  CONN 1/10 CALLS @ $1.30                        

BUY 8   CBOE 1/26 CALLS @ $1.30                                  

BUY 4  VXX 12/46 PUTS @ $2.60    

This was a terrible week…the worst Thanksgiving week since 1932.  The DISGRACEFUL lack of action by the “Super-committee” continues to utterly destroy confidence of the American people and foreign investors at every level of the social and economic strata. I foolishly assumed that the Debt ceiling issue would have made Washington understand the destructive nature of their inaction…but their singular focus on re-election continues…On the technical side, we are very oversold and the level of bearishness points to a tradable rally.  I will look to be a buyer on any further decline early this week…CAM
We have no open positions.   With the new trades approximately $ 3380 funds would be in in use. 

Remember, these trades are based on your participation in the


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Previous closed out trades not listed here may be seen in the November 21, November 14, November 7, October 31, October 24, October 17, and October 10 issues.

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