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Oil Investing News

Tree Top Industries, Inc.

(Stock Symbol: TTII

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The show featured a  live interview with Tree Top Industries, Inc. (TTII) CEO David Reichman.

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Corporate Site: www.TTTIob.com

Part 1 of the show:

Part 2 (with Tree Top Industries, Inc. (Stock Symbol: TTII) CEO David Reichman interview) of the show:

Tree Top Industries, Inc. (TTII)

is a publicly traded mini conglomerate.

Tree Top subsidiaries and affiliates include intellectual properties, proprietary systems, and trade secrets in the bioscience and global health technology fields, among other new and emerging technologies, as well as interests in the oil and gas industries. Tree Top can provide the protective umbrella of a publicly listed, SEC compliant, PCAOB audited company to acquisition candidates, as well as structure, transparency, potential capital raise and growth potential.

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The Tree Top subsidiary, TTII Oil & Gas, Inc., a Delaware corporation, acquired all of the assets of American Resource Technologies, Inc. (ARUR).

During the show Mr. Reichman will discuss new developments in the TTII Oil & Gas Production subsidiary.

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Cumulative oil production in Southeastern Kansas continues to grow.

The Company’s expansion includes participation in two U.S. owned Brazilian companies as well as the 25% stake in a firm that has designed the new software, allowing the interpretation of data acquired via aerial or surface surveys.  Through this information the Company can produce a 3D blueprint with the highest concentration of hydrocarbons in these areas.

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Tree Top can also deliver the means, though incubation, for private companies to become public entities in good standing. Tree Top is in the development stage, actively acquiring companies and technologies using several different business paradigms, including exchange of stock, joint venture, and other partnership configurations.


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The Company also NetThruster, Inc. (NetThruster).

Tree Top Industries, Inc. (TTII) is a development-stage company.

NetThruster, Inc.,

BioEnergy Applied Technologies, Inc. (BAT),

Universal Energy and Services Group, Inc.

International Eye Care Centers, Inc.

are wholly owned subsidiaries of Tree Top Industries, Inc.

BAT is the originator and incubator of technologies useful in the areas of energetic materials, chemicals and chemical processes, gasification, and the safe and destruction of biological and other hazardous wastes. BAT maintains electrolytic technology that simplifies the production of bio fuels, specifically biodiesel and its byproducts.

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