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Tuesday January 8, 2013 Money Info Show featured:

K. C. Quintana of Pipeline Nutrition, a subsidiary of Broadleaf Capital Holdings (Stock Symbol: BDLF), and Andy Sealfon of RMS Medical Services (Stock Symbol: REPR).

K. C. Quintana with Pipeline Nutrition will discuss the Tsunami Strike Pre-Workout High Performance Fitness Product. See more product and affiliate information at:

See their Facebook page for product information, work out and fitness tips:


Tsunami Strike Pre-Workout Formula Will:

  • Increase Strength up to 15%
  • Increase Endurance up to 25%
  • Buffer Muscle Acidity up to 60%
  • Increasing Performance and Lean Body Mass

Tsunami Strike vasodilates your blood vessels, then delivers Powerful Nutrients in Dosing Proven through Research, necessary to power you through personal plateaus.

Tsunami Strike is safe, effective, and easy to use.

This highly effective product has a historical reorder rate of over 90%

Pipeline Nutrition is now offering commissions through their new affiliate business sales program.

Pipeline Nutrition is a subsidiary of Broadleaf Capital Partners, Inc. (Stock symbol: BDLF), a diversified SEC registered BDC (Business Development Company) investment holding company.

Broadleaf Capital Partners makes direct investments in, and/or acquisitions of, private and undervalued public companies in a variety of different industries.


Medical Stock News

The show also featured:

Andy Sealfon, CEO of RMS Medical Services (Stock Symbol: REPR).

Visit the corporate website:

For REPR stock quotes, trading charts and

their latest news releases visit this Yahoo Finance link:

Read our Research Report on REPR:

REPR continues to produce strong growth. For the fiscal year ended February 29, 2012, sales were up by 29.9%, with sales for the FREEDOM 60® pump growing by 31.9%.

Revenue for the fiscal year totaled $6.3 million, up from $4.9 million for the fiscal year ended February 28, 2011. In its quarterly filing on October 15, 2012, the company reported that net sales for the quarter ended August 31, 2012, were up 43.3% over the comparable period last year.

Medical Stocks News

RMS Medical Products specializes in developing and manufacturing portable medical devices,  understanding that healthcare professionals need products that they can depend on in critical situations – that will work every time. For patients, these products are often profoundly uplifting to their quality of life.

With that in mind, REPR offers products for a wide variety of markets including hospitals, home healthcare, nursing homes and rescue services.

Primary products are: 

FREEDOM60®Syringe Infusion System –  Used for the subcutaneous administration of immune globulin offers safe, controlled pressure and ability to adjust automatically to the flow. The inherently safe pressures used to deliver drugs to patients minimize discomfort, swelling and other complications sometimes found with conventional electric infusion devices. There are additional applications such as the delivery of antibiotics and other drugs. 

Medical stock news

RES-Q-VAC®Emergency Suction – Fills a niche in emergency medicine, hospitals, and home care for immediate airway suction when and wherever needed. RES-Q-VAC® has patented filtration to minimize exposure of medical personnel to dangerous pathogens from patients infected with life threatening diseases such as tuberculosis and SARS. Because RES-Q-VAC® provides reliable suction without electric power, it is useful in disasters when the electricity fails.

Medical Stock News

RMS HIGH-Flo™ Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets – RMS Successfully introduced this product to the US market during the 2012 fiscal year. Used with the Company’s FREEDOM60® pump or pumps from other manufacturers. The Company has received feedback from some SCIG patients experiencing less pain, less infusion time, and less discomfort when switching to High-Flo™.

Medical Stock

See more product information at:

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