Money Info October 11, 2012 Investment News Show

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October 11, 2012

 Money Info Investment News Show


Mike King Called in from the RedChip 15th Annual Fall Small-Cap Investing Conference In San Francisco, California. The conference featured 17 presenting small-cap companies from a wide range of sectors, including oil & gas, healthcare, technology, mining and more. The conference focuses on “Discovering Tomorrow’s Blue Chips Today”.

Money Info Investment News Show

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The Money Info Show featured:

Bruce Lee, CFO of Leo Motors, Inc.

Corporate Site:

Stock Symbol: LEOM

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Leo Motors RedChip Conference feature page:

Leo Motors is an innovative developer and manufacturer of advanced Electronic Vehicle and electronic power storage technology.

Mr. Lee discussed the newest electronic storage technology developed by Leo Motors:

The E-BOX energy storage device.

The E-BOX is one of the most advanced and efficient power storage devices ever developed.

The E-BOX has a variety of uses. It can be charged by regular plug in electrical power and used as an emergency power supply.

The E-BOX can also store power from solar and wind powered energy sources. No bigger or heavier than 3 X-Boxes, The E-BOX is easily portable, offering a wide variety of applications.

Leo Motors recently formed an alliance with S Energy, a professional solar energy development enterprise, to develop a combination of The E-BOX independent power storage system with solar energy modules. The product is targeted for distribution throughout the Congo.

Leo Motors is a US public company based outside of Seoul, Korea, engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of Electric Vehicle (EV) power trains and components.

Leo has developed many original EV power trains and has converted many models of existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles into EVs, including scooters, motorcycles, highway speed sedans, buses and trucks.

Leo Motors has also developed Zinc Air Fuel Cell Generator (ZAFCG) which will free EV’s from range limitation with zero emissions.




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