Medical Stock News – Investment News Radio Show March 08, 2012


In medical stocks to buy news, Terry Howlett, CEO of Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, (SKVI) and John Glushko Author of “Anatomy of a Stock Market Killing” will be interviewed on the Bill Chippas Investment News Radio Show Thursday Evening from 6:05 PM until 7:00 PM.


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Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals is a research-and-development company that licenses its proprietary formulations made with Invisicare®,  its patented polymer delivery system that offers life-cycle management and unique enhancements for topically delivered products.  Skinvisible receives a combination of research and development fees, upfront license fees, and ongoing royalties for the life of the Invisicare® patent.  Skinvisible’s value lies in its ability to continually generate new IP (Intellectual. Property) on dermatology and medical products formulated with Invisicare®.

Skinvisible announced on Tuesday  March 7th 2012 that it has been granted a new patent in the US for “Sunscreen Composition With Enhanced UVA Absorber Stability and Methods”, Patent Number 8128913. The patent provides protection for its sunscreen formulation in the United States until November 2029. Skinvisible has developed three sunscreen formulations using avobenzone; SPF 15, 30 and 50. Although avobenzone is recognized as the best sun absorber in the US providing UVA protection, it is known to degrade in sunlight in less than two hours. Skinvisible’s new formulation with avobenzone has eight hours of photostability, a unique advantage for everyone who uses sunscreens and works or plays outdoors. The essential benefits of Skinvisible’s sunscreen formulations are derived from its patented Invisicare polymer delivery system.  Skinvisible’s avobenzone sunscreens meet new FDA’s 2012 guidelines and can be labeled as having “broad spectrum” UV protection

Rule 17B Requirements — Disclosure of Payment for Investor Relations–Princeton Research has received 150,000 restricted shares from Skinvisible in exchange for investor relations services.

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