Options Trading Alerts

investing trade alerts

Options Trading Alerts

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Options Trading Alerts

Investing Trade Alerts

Charles Moskowitz Discussion


Open Positions:


Long 4 SIG June 55 Calls

Long 5 SPY June 9th 243.50 Calls

Long 6 SMG June 90 Calls

Long 2 SJM June 130 Calls


Funds in Use $ 1171.


Week 22 was another gain of $862 bringing YTD gains up to another new high of $6,884 or just under 69%.  The main component of the gain was our old favorite SIG, which we had played on the short side for the better part of a year ($130 to the mid80s) and switched over to the long side for a 2-day gain of about 200%.  We also rolled up in price from the June 50 calls and are now long June 55s.  We are also long some SPY, SMG, and the second half of our SJM.  Funds in use are only $1,171.


The markets made new highs again this week with the exception of the Transports and Russell 2000, but as mentioned in my Daily Notes, while the Transports are generally thought to lead the market, they have consistently been in catch-up mode recently.  They are just 300 points (3%) from giving us another “Dow Theory” breakout, and the Russell is a scant $20 (1.4%) to its peak.  Add to that the A.A.I.I. Sentiment numbers on page 3, which show further deterioration in Bulls and you have a situation where 70% of investors are either bearish or neutral, and that is not typical of a reversal top coming anytime soon.  The only issue (as in 3/12 selloff) is that political and geopolitical issues with this administration appear out of nowhere.  Fortunately the “but the dips” mentality still prevails, and they will continue, right up until they don’t.  This is one of the reasons

I don’t roll up position size.  It’s like doubling of nothing, eventually you get caught.


The problem that I am seeing is that the two weakest sectors are financials and energy.  The reason this is troubling is that it is difficult to continue to have a strong bull market without financials.  The interest rate picture is not nearly as clear as “the Fed is raising rates and that’s good for the banks.”  The bond market is a bigger and frankly more honest market and the yield curve has flattened of late.  This is decidedly not good for the banks or the economy.  Flattening yield curves precede recessions, and although it is usually too late for the Fed to realize (their numbers are backward-looking) there’s not much to do when rates are still close to zero.  Energy seems to be stuck in the trading range with the oil between $45-53, while natural gas seems to be driven lower by the cooler weather and has been driven straight down from $3.25 to under $3 in just the last 4 trading days.  If it doesn’t hold $2.80, $2.55 could be the next test.  With all the early summer driving increase, gasoline is still holding up slightly better, but a break of Friday’s low of $1.5545 would send it to test $1.48-1.50.


I will continue to look for opportunities in individual stocks but as mentioned every week for the last month, as long as the volatility stays low and premiums on the short-dated SPY options remains low, we will continue to make trades in that market. CAM



Options Trading Alerts

Investing Trade Alerts Summary

$10,000 Trading Account Trade Table


Sold 5 SPY June9th 243.50 Calls
    310 Gain
Sold 2 SJM June $130 Calls 100% Profit Rule
    360 Gain
Bought 10 SPY June 9th 243.50 Calls
Sold 2 SIG June $50 Calls later same day
    390 Gain
Sold 2 SIG June $50 Calls( 100% Profit Rule )
    150 Gain
Bought 4 SIG June $50 Calls
Sold 6 JPM June $86 Calls ( 50% Loss Rule )
    228 Loss
Sold 10 SPY May 31st $ 241.50 Calls
      40 Loss
Bought 10 SPY May 31st $ 241.50 Calls
Bought 6 JPM June $86 Calls
Sold 10 HL June $6 Calls
      80 Loss
Bought 2 SJM June $ 170 Calls
Bought 2 SJM June $ 130 Calls
Bought 10 HL June  $ 6 Calls


3rd Week expiration when the month is listed without a date


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Options Trading Alerts

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