Investment News Show September 6, 2012

Tonight’s  Money Info Investment News Show

will feature Andrew Sealfon of

RMS Medical Systems, Inc.

(Stock Symbol: REPR).

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Tonight’s show will feature a medical products company, RMS Medical Systems, Inc. (Stock Symbol:REPR) is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical devices and supplies. Its stock is publicly traded in the over-the-counter market and is quoted through the National Daily Quotation Service.

Medical Stock News

Visit the corporate website:

Medical Stock News

RMS manufactures medical devices used in emergency care, hospital settings, nursing homes, other medical facilities and home care. Their primary products are: 
  • FREEDOM60® Syringe Infusion System – Popular for subcutaneous administration of immune globulin (SCIG) especially in the home care market it offers healthcare providers benefits for antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, pain medications, and other application uses.

Medical Stock News

  • FREEDOM60® Syringe Infusion Pump – Used for the subcutaneous administration of immune globulin offers safe, controlled pressure and ability to adjust automatically to the flow. The inherently safe pressures used to deliver drugs to patients minimize discomfort, swelling and other complications sometimes found with conventional electric infusion devices. There are additional applications such as the delivery of antibiotics and other drugs.
  • RMS HIGH-Flo™ Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets –  RMS Successfully introduced this product to the US market during the 2012 fiscal year. Used with the Company’s FREEDOM60® pump or pumps from other manufacturers. The Company has received feedback from some SCIG patients experiencing less pain, less infusion time, and less discomfort when switching to High-Flo™.

Medical Stock News

  • RES-Q-VAC® Emergency Hand Operated Suction System – Fills a niche in emergency medicine, hospitals, and home care for immediate airway suction when and wherever needed. RES-Q-VAC® has patented filtration to minimize exposure of medical personnel to dangerous pathogens from patients infected with life threatening diseases such as tuberculosis and SARS. Because RES-Q-VAC® provides reliable suction without electric power, it is useful in disasters when the electricity fails.

Medical Stock News

REPR also produces expendables used in conjunction with these devices.

RMS Medical Systems, Inc. has reported 29.9% Increase In Sales For Fiscal Year Ended February 29, 2012 And Successful Introduction Of The RMS High-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets. See news release:

Andrew Sealfon, President and CEO of  RMS Medical Systems stated,

“This year we continued the growth trend of recent years, with $6,390,534 in revenue which represents an increase of 29.9% over the previous fiscal year. Our FREEDOM60® product line realized a 31.9% increase in sales. Our net operating profit was $1,289,158 and our net income for the year was $815,893.”

In other recent news the REPR HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Needles Were Confirmed as Safety Sets, protecting medical workers from accidental needlesticks. See this news release at:

The company maintains offices, manufacturing facilities, and warehouse space in Chester, New York. Devices and supplies manufactured and sold by RMS Medical Products are subject to Food and Drug Administration regulation.

Their manufacturing facilities and record-keeping must meet FDA standards, and are subject to periodic FDA inspection. In addition, the company’s plant complies with appropriate ISO international standards for quality in product development, manufacturing, distribution and customer support of its medical devices.

In 2011, the company received FDA approval to market in the U.S. it’s HIgH-Flo RMS Subcutaneous Needle Sets. Since 1986, the company has owned and marketed the Gyneco product line which includes the Masterson Endometrial Biopsy Kit used for in-office biopsy sampling procedures, and the Thermal Cautery System used for tubal ligation procedures.

RMS maintains its own sales staff in addition to selling its products through distributors in the U.S. and many other countries. It regularly exhibits at both national and international trade shows.

The company holds a number of patents related to products it has developed and is manufacturing. Because RMS Medical Systems is a public company, it must comply with financial reporting and other regulations established by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

For REPR stock quotes, trading charts and their latest news releases visit this Yahoo Finance link:

Visit the corporate website:

Medical Stock News

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