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Steve Barber,

Executive Chairman & CEO

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions

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Gloria Herndon and Dr Ellenby from

Immune Therapeutics

with Noreen Griffin

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Oakridge Global Energy Solutions:

The Only “Made in the USA”

Lithium-Ion Battery

Global Energy Solutions

Stock Symbol: OGES

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Made in USA batteries

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OGES) is an integrated energy storage solutions company that uses state-of-the-art technology in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality cells, batteries, and energy storage systems.


The company’s innovative ‘Made in the USA’ product line includes multiple lithium-ion chemistries, technologies and form factors that are optimized to address four high-demand target markets – motive applications, such as electric and hybrid electric fleet vehicles (especially golf cars and local area electric vehicles), stationary living space power for domestic, commercial and grid applications (homes, businesses, RVs, boats, and uninterruptable power supplies), remote control and portable devices (including medical devices), and also starter motor batteries for motorcycles, jet skis, snow mobiles and boats, as well as cars and trucks.

All the company’s batteries and power systems also have major application to the military, aerospace, marine, medical and telecom sectors generally.

Their energy solutions are used in consumer, government, industrial, and military applications.

The core business is in the design, development, and manufacturing of small to large format lithium ion cells, batteries, and battery systems.

Oakridge’s strategy is to simultaneously deliver innovation and build an industrial scale platform that includes multiple lithium ion technologies and form factors that are optimized to address three target markets: stationary and grid storage; motive applications including fleet vehicles, EV and HEV; and specialty applications including Military, Aerospace, Marine, Industrial, Scientific and Telecom backup.


Battery Energy Stock OGES Mission

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions will be recognized by our customers as the premier and most broadly capable battery manufacturing company. Oakridge Global Energy Solutions will build an industrial scale platform to deliver innovation and provide world-class quality, delivery, service, and value through continual improvement in everything we do.


Battery Energy Stock Vision

Under the guidance of a seasoned management team, Oakridge seeks to make a positive impact on its community while leveraging the marketability of its intellectual property portfolio to promote sustainable market growth and maximized value for investors and shareholders.

Small cap energy stocks

Oakridge’s technology team is strongly engineering driven, with core capabilities in materials, product design, process control, manufacturing technology, quality and safety.

Made in the USA Lithium-Ion Battery


Steve Barber, Executive Chairman & CEO

Steve is an Australian Entrepreneur who is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of a private family office fund called Precept Fund. He specializes in looking for high technology manufacturing businesses that need restructuring and repositioning through old fashioned hands on ownership – not “bleeding edge” of technology, but businesses that have proven technology that can be brought into production in markets that make god profit margins over the long term.

The Precept Fund is international, involving 5 families including Steve’s (two from Australia, one from Japan, and two from Switzerland, so they have a long term view to building and owning businesses that make a profit – and The Precept Fund invests their own money first and then invite the public to participate in the upside with them.

small cap US Energy Stocks

US Lithium-Ion Battery Producer

Oakridge is the poster child for the “Made in USA” movement and leads the charge in onshoring jobs and manufacturing back to America.

It manufactures hi-tech, leading edge, high quality, lithium ion batteries for high margin, niche consumer markets – golf cars, remote control cars, boats, drones and planes, home energy storage and living space power units for RVs, boats and interstate trucks, and starter motor batteries for “big boys toys” such as Harley Davidsons, jet skis, snow mobiles and boats – all cost competitive because of high quality, state of the art, automated US manufacturing techniques.

In an increasingly “unwired” world,

Batteries are THE recession proof product !


Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Stock News

Oakridge Announces Plans to Produce Commercial Thin Film Solid State Lithium Batteries
Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OGES) is pleased to announce that, as part of its recently announced expansion, it plans to fully utilize the many patents developed and owned by the company…
Oakridge Announces Production Release of ProSeries Product Line
Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OGES) is excited to announce the production launch of their ProSeries line of heavy duty battery systems for task oriented vehicles such as…
Oakridge Develops Sales and Marketing Team
Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OGES) is pleased to announce that it has reached agreements with CBX Electronics (Orlando, Florida) and BESTCREWS (Tokyo, Japan) to become major participants…
Oakridge to Purchase Equipment for Expansion
Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OGES) is excited to announce that it has reached agreement-in-principle for a long term supply agreement with a major lithium-ion battery assembly equipment manufacturer…
New Stationary Power Storage
Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OGES) is excited to announce our latest made in the USA product, the Freedom IV stationary power storage product, which will provide energy storage for homes and businesses of 6.5KW hours up to more than 35KW hours.
A New Era in Battery Manufacturing
Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OGES) is pleased to announce that it is taking the lead in the On-Shoring Movement, moving jobs and manufacturing back to the United States.


Energy Stock: USA Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions is a publicly traded company, listed as OGES on the OTC, whose primary business is the manufacturing and marketing of products incorporating lithium battery technologies. The lithium batteries are constructed of lithium ion compounds that provide higher power, longer life, and are lighter weight than traditional batteries. These batteries can be employed in a broad range of commercial and government applications and incorporate a proprietary technology which enhances the safe operation of the battery.


Made In USA Battery Energy Stock Information

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions is headquartered in Melbourne Florida. We are operating a 12000 square foot battery development, a 24,000 square foot warehouse facility, and a 50,400 square foot manufacturing facility presently employing 24 full time staff members. The manufacturing plant is equipped with state of the art fabrication and manufacturing equipment for Lithium Ion batteries. The development facility is equipped with state of the art laboratory equipment including: chemistry lab, mixing operation, characterization and testing laboratories, scanning electronic microscope, and 3D color Keyence digital microscope. We have all of the necessary test and fabrication equipment to develop battery cells and systems from raw material to final product with full testing and performance validation.


Major Objectives

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions is continuing to develop and manufacture standard off-the-shelf products for various industries as needed to meet client’s needs. The sales force will continue to interface with existing and potential clients to pursue opportunities in commercial and government markets. The development and manufacturing facilities will be optimized for the production of product as needed to meet client delivery requirements. Additional technical and administrative staff will be hired to support development and production as needed.



Undervalued Energy Stock Investment Highlights


  • Batteries made in USA using a proprietary lithium chemistry
  • Lithium batteries produced are comparable in price to traditional lead-acid

batteries, but charge faster, last longer and are much lighter.

  • Rapidly expanding workforce, and has been approved for nearly $9 million in

property tax breaks from Brevard County

  • Confirmed orders of $19.3 million backlogged in the US
  • Additional orders of $50 million in the US and Australia that are awaiting firm

delivery schedule

  • Further $110 million of orders from Japan awaiting firm delivery schedule
  • Primary shareholder (90 percent) is Precept Fund Management SPC
  • Oakridge Global Energy Solutions owns 11,000,000 shares of Leclanché S.A., a

Swiss developer and producer of energy storage systems

  • Filed for NASDAQ main board listing on July 31, 2015


Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Stock News



About Immune Therapeutics Inc.

(Stock Symbol: IMUN)

small cap medical stock


Visit The Corporate Site —

See Corporate Investors Information and stock quote page: Click Here

Immune Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of our novel patented therapies to combat chronic, life-threatening diseases through the activation and modulation of the body’s immune system.   The Company’s technology platform is built on two different immunotherapies, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and Methionine-Enkephalin (MENK).


Both therapies have been decades in the making at institutions such as the Pennsylvania State University Medical School at Hershey, University of Chicago, State University of New York, and Multiple Sclerosis Center at UCSF. These efforts were pioneered by leading immunologists: Dr. Nicholas Plotnikoff, Dr. Ronald Herberman, Dr. Bernard Bihari, Ian S. Zagon, Dr. Jill Smith, Patricia McLaughlin, and Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless.

Immune Therapeutics has spent the last two years acquiring regulatory approval in emerging and developing nations for LDN marketed under the brand name Lodonal™. Lodonal™ is a highly innovative immunotherapy for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, HIV/AIDS, opportunistic infections, cancer and a range of other serious diseases. Our proprietary Opiate and T Cell Receptor technology exploits the power of the body’s own immune system to find and kill diseased cells.

Small Cap Stocks to Buy January 2016

LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone)

Low Dose Naltrexone used as an immune modulator

Low Dose Naltrexone as it is known in the United States, or Lodonal as it is known internationally, has its origins in the FDA approved 50mg Naltrexone. Originally used to treat opiate dependences, the Immune Therapeutics patented treatments, which cover a wide range of indications (link to LDN patents), is currently used as an immune modulator. See Report  — Click Here



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