Where To Invest March 2017

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Where To Invest March 2017

Where To Invest March 2017

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Where To Invest Newsletter

February 27, 2017 Market Strategies Newsletter

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Where To Invest March 2017

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Where To Invest March 2017

Market Strategies Technical Information


                              Support/Resistance Levels:                SUPPORT                         RESISTANCE


S&P 500              2311                                     2394

Dow                  20,206                                  20,700

QQQ                  127.50                                  131.00

Transports          92.60                                     9580

NASDAQ             5760                                            5995



Market Strategies Fundamentals

The stock market appeared to be in jeopardy of recording its first down week in a month, but a recovery on Friday afternoon helped the S&P 500 add 0.7% for the week, extending its first quarter gain to 5.7%.

The NASDAQ was a disappointment on Thursday when it was off 0.43% to close at 5.835.51. NVIDIA fell 10.27 points or 10% from $ 110.76 to $ 100.49 in addition to Tesla  which fell from $ 273 to $ 256, a loss of 6.4%.TripAdvisor ( TRIP: $ 42.62 ) – $ 4.44 or -9.5% collapsed; while Biotech company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals ( RGEN: $ 361) was down $ 10 or -2.8%. The Russell 2000 had made a new all-time high last Tuesday with its ETF, the IWM at 140.32, but closed the week lower at 138.65. The Index itself fell 7 points on the week. Ocwen Financial ( OCN: $ 4.24 ) – $ 1.10 or – 19.9%.Other stocks like Genesis Healthcare ( GEN: $ 3.33 ) – $ 0.55 or – 14%; Tredegar ( TG: $ 19.15 ) – $ 3.30 or – 14.7% and Lydall, Inc falling $ 8.45 or 14% from$ 59.45 to $ 50.90. The S&P 500 got a lift from HP Inc, up 8.64% and Transocean LTD ( RIG: $ 13.75 ) + $ 0.59 gaining 4.5%.

Equity indices motored higher to start the week, but investor sentiment soured a bit on Thursday, after there were reports that Republican lawmakers are likely to delay a decision on infrastructure spending until 2018, giving Congress time to focus on tax and health care reform in 2017. The news weighed on construction and engineering names with Caterpillar (CAT) falling 3.3% during the final two sessions of the week.

Index Started Week Ended Week Change % Change YTD %
DJIA 20,624.05 20,821.76 +197.71 +1.0 +5.4
Nasdaq 5838.58 5845.31 +6.73 +0.1 +8.6
S&P 500 2351.16 2367.34 +16.18 +0.7 +5.7
Russell 2000 1399.74 1392.57 -7.17 -0.5 +2.6
DJT 9495.39 9421.87 -73.52 -0.8 +4.2



Alcoa ( AA: $ 34.48 ) – $ 1.73 or down 4.8% for the week continued down following several basic materials now off more than $ 5 from the highs achieved just a week ago. A number of industries within the basic materials sector were flagged for poor performance. Steel was off 3.51%l Copper was off 2.54%.


Dow Jones Transportation Average (DJT: $9421.87) fell 73.52 points or -0.8% last week, from the previous week.


US dollar (DXYO: 101.12 + 0.22) is floundering without direction in a narrow range between 100.35, the 13-day moving average and its 50 day price moving average at 101.40.

Volatility (VIX: $11.47  -0.02 ) was odd 2 cents, virtually unchanged..

CBOE OEX Volatility Index (VXN-X :12.75 ) rallied $ 0.44 after having catapulted to a high of 13.94.

The UVXY, ($ 21.44) + 1.19 or +5.9%;  the  Pro-Shares  Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF has shown signs of life with its small rally..

Crude OIL ($53.99) gained $ 0.59. These market prices must go higher for the Fed to achieve its inflationary target.

S&P Retail Index (XRT: $43.72) – $ 0.10  or -0.2% continues to go sideways looking for a new trend.

The Eurozone will surpise to the upside as available data suggests  broadly based improvement  in GDP  both by country and by sector. There may be some political instability in those countries that face elections this year but there are offsetting forces that ought to reduce those risks. These include less macro imbalances, less concerns about immigration, and a recent fading in support for anti-establishment political parties.


Specifically, the ECB will likely revise up its GDP and inflation forecasts at the next policy meeting in March. Growth of 1.7-1.9% is widely expected. GDP in 2016 was close to +0.5%.


The world is showing a brighter outlook for increased GDP growth in 2017. Only Brazil has negative past economic data ( -0.8% expectred for fiscal 2016 ) with real GDP expected to also be a negative 0.8% for the first quarter. However, they should be on a positive footing with a + 1/7% GDP by the third quarter of 2017. The Philippines had a solid GDP increase of + 7.1 for the 4th Qtr 2016 and is expected to average plus 6-8% growth for fiscal 2017. Hong Kong has been among the weakest expecting negative first two quarters of 2017 of -0.2%, ending with a positive 4th Qtr of +0.4-0.5%.China has Real GDP of + 6.7% for the fourth Qtr 2016, expecing to decline to 6.4% by the 4th Qtr 2017.


The growth of business activity in manufacturing and services in Russia updated multi-year highs in January. The real disposable income of citizens rose for the first time in 13 months.

Retail trade should start growing soon. Russia’s statistics in January demonstrated positive dynamics, which confirms the continuation of the economic recovery.


In January, the services sector in Russia experienced increasing backlogs, and employment growth was the highest over 41 months. The Markit Russia Services Business Activity Index increased, hitting an eight-and-a-half year high of 58.4.



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