How To Invest Now August 2012

How To Invest Now August 2012

How To Invest Now August 2012

  Options Trading Strategies

The $10,000 Portfolio Trading Account

had a Gain last week of $ 718

increasing our gains for the year from

$11,210 to $11,928.

A Return Of Over 119%

Four positions remain open.

Approximately $ 2,380 funds are in use.


Options Trading Strategies

Traders Comments

This week gave the markets plenty of bad news and some good news.  The markets decided that the bad news wasn’t so bad, and the Draghi failure to launch was a disappointment. The Eurozone has made some un-kept promises, and why should we need to depend on it.

So, when we finally got a monthly jobs number and an ISM report that could be viewed as Constructive, we took off as if they fired a starting gun at 9:30 Friday morning, made up all the week’s previous losses and ran full-out until the closing bell.

This does nothing to change the fact that people are sorely disappointed with our representatives in Washington or the fact that they are making little or no progress on the Fiscal Cliff or really anything but slinging mud at each other.

However, I find it promising that the Knight problem, which could have caused the same kind of panic about the viability of computer trading as did the Flash Crash, was handled very well (except for the Knight shareholders equity) and by Friday it seemed to be worked out that several of the bigger institutional order flows had been restored.  The Company may have a new owner shortly; but the system seems to work.

We’ll hope that we can break the string of down Mondays this week…..CAM

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How To Invest Now August 2012

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