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How To Invest In Today’s Markets

In Our November 07, 2011 Issue Of

Market Strategies Guide to Successful Trading

We have been asked to help those who do not wish to make a $100,000 commitment to an account to scale back the initial investment to a $10,000 account. 

We are answering this request with an account that will only trade options.  However, in order to take full advantage to this new account, you really need to also subscribe to our Texting service.  There is no cost involved, but in order to receive all of the trading suggestions, in a high volatility environment, we need to communicate more often than weekly.

To subscribe, simply TEXT the word UPDATES to 69302

and you will automatically be included.


New Trades for this week:

1.   Buy 5 TLT November 117 Calls @ 1.75 OB

2.   Buy 10 BAC December 6 Calls @ .75 OB

3.   Buy 4 GRA December 40 calls @ 2.75 OB

The $10,000 Options Only account lost $ 370 last week, its twenty third week of trading.

We came into the week with a balance of $12,129.00 and with the loss last week decreased the gains to $11,759.00. 

Three positions remain:

the JAZZ Nov 36 Puts,

JEF Dec 12 Calls and

TZA Nov 32 Calls. 

The Open positions are highlighted in the options table below.

Approximately $ 2362 funds are in use. This week’s market was again dominated by Euro-issues.  Greece is still nowhere on the bailout. Now Italy and Spain have joined the ranks of deeply troubled sovereigns.  We came into the week generally short and covered those profitable positions on Monday, taking some losses on the 2 longs and then getting long again on Wednesday.  This level of volatility has kept the size of our positions smaller than usual, as we would really rather see some “trending” instead of one day up and the next down 1 or 2%.  The S & P is clearly trying to hold the 1220 level, but we will have to wait and see. The “good” (?) unemployment numbers produced nothing for the markets except a meaningless inside day. While we maintain a balanced approach to positions, we come into the week slightly short…CAM

Remember, these trades are based on your participation in the


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Previous closed out trades not listed here may be seen in the October 31, October 24, October 17, October 10, October 3 and September 26 issues.

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