Fundamental Analysis Stocks To Buy with Stops

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Stocks To Buy Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis Stocks To Buy with Stops

This stocks to buy with stops using fundametnal analysis report is from our Market Investing Strategies Newsletter


See the June 5, 2017 Where To Invest Newsletter post Here

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Using fundamentals the following are stocks to trade hypothetically. They have done well. We have taken numerous profits as indicated on the table below. In addition many have been stopped out with small losses.  All indicated on the table below.


Balance is critical.


Alibaba has made a few points. We are raising the stop loss price. Semiconductors are a leader on Nasdaq.


We remain long SIMO.


We have no position in Alcoa AA. If long use the 50 day price m.a. as a risk point.


Flushing Financial FFIC fell to and held the 50 day price moving average on March 3rd, which was a buying opportunity. We would buy the Flushing Financial.


Boeing is on its way to $ 200.


We are not involved with Bristol Myers.


Hecla Mining is a buy as long as it is above the 13 day price moving average.


We took profits on ENZ but still want to buy at lower prices.


The HDGE is finally relevant at this time. It is a decent long as long as it holds above its 50 day price moving average.


Symbol Name Business Description PE P/S MV mln Price Buy or Sell Limit Stop Loss

Or offset

BABA Alibaba China; more of a retailer than Amazon 50.67 13.21 275.5B 124.13 Bought @ $ 111 on 4/7/17 opening 121x
AMZN Amazon Catalog & Mail Order 189 2.90 394B 1006.73 Long Sell on stop 976x
SIMO Silicon Motion Semiconductor solutions for mobile storage and communications 9.7 2.5 1.39B  53.77 Bought



CIO City Office


Real Estate Investment Trust high quality Offices 292 5.8 396Mln  12.72 Re Bought at 12.12 11.50x
TPC Tutor Perini Construction 12 0.25 1.3B  26.55

Stopped out28.90




Looking for place to buy
SAVE Spirit Airlines Discount Airline 13 1.6 3.6B  55.83  48.10 Buy on a dip to $ 52 or close above $54.40
BMY Bristol Myers Biopharmaceutical Products 28 5.1 94.9B  54.97

No position


Sold  at 52.80x


Has no direction
BA Boeing Aerospace, commercial jetliners, military systems 14 0.85 81B 190.23  Long at

   132 10/04/16     

New stop loss at $ 179
HL Hecla Mining Basic Materials 44 3.61 1.7B    5.73

Look for re-entry

  Long at     5.30



A good long
FFIC Flushing Financial Bank Holding company Savings and loans 13 3,5 592Mln   28.32  19.10


50 day m.a. at 27.45
AA Alcoa Aluminum Processing and Technology N/A 0.4 9.5B  32.86


21.15 originally bought 2/8/16 $ 32.10 – 32.75 support
ENZ Enzo Biochem Life Sciences NA 1.35 134M   9.37 Bought

 at   5.13


Sold on Opening Monday 4/3/17

Sold 8.43

BAC Bank of America Commercial Bank 10 2.02 165.3B  22.45


Bought  at 15.42


23.60x stopped out on 3/21/17
HDGE Advisor Shares Ranger Bear ETF   8.72


 Stopped out on   5/24 Must close above 8.85 to be long



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Stocks To Buy Fundamental Analysis

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Stocks To Buy Fundamental Analysis