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November 2011

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November 10 show featured Market Analysis and Investment News with Princeton Research Economist Mike King giving insight on South Korea — Watch Webcast or Hear Audio


November 8 show featured Roy Warren CEO of Attitude Drinks (ATTD) a beverage, brand development and marketing company with a focus on delivering experiential, functional and healthful beverages. On November 7 Attitude Drinks (ATTD) announced a marketing endorsement partnership agreement with Professional Basketball Superstar Mr. Paul Pierce and his “Foundation for a Cause” a/k/a the Truth Fund charity. According to the agreement, Mr. Pierce and his “Foundation for a Cause” marketing endorsement will promote Attitude Drink’s Phase III Recovery Drink.

The show also featured John Gildae Director of U.S. Precious Metals (USPR) an exploration stage company engaged in acquisition, exploration and development of mineral resource properties. Mr.  Gildae called the show from Ireland to give insight into US Precious Metals Inc. continued exploration on its property in Mexico. US Precious Metals focuses on gold and base mineral resource properties located in the southern portion of the state of Michoácan, Mexico. US Precious Metals owns exploration and exploitation rights to approximately 37,000 acres of land. USPR is dedicated to survey, drill and sample on proven and probable reserves — Watch Webcast or Hear Audio


November 3 show featured Princeton Research’s Text Messages Trading Alerts Service plus News and Analysis for Stocks, Gold and Energy.  Princeton Research has a free text message trading alerts service (text UPDATES TO 69302 to optin)which provides users with all new ideas and exit strategies based on market action which is occurring on a daily, and even minute to minute basis. This is the key to making the most of, and protecting against the risks which develop during the trading day. In today’s high volatility and high frequency trading environment these Text UPDATES are an essential tool for profit. To join JUST TEXT ‘UPDATES’ TO 69302
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November 1 show featured Gildae Director of U.S. Precious Metals (USPR) an exploration stage company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral resource properties. Their Solidaridad project property has significant copper, gold, and silver resources. In 2002, USPR discovered The La Sabila property that is rich in mineral resources and became the hot spot for drilling. The estimated value of potential gold reserves was approximately $500 million based on 2008 mineral prices. At the current market price of gold, between $1500 and $1700 per troy ounce the present value would be over $512,000,000. An evaluation of their properties in 2010 also revealed 720,000 tons of copper.

In July the Company partnered with DME Securities, LLC investment firm, a New York based bank & broker-dealer . DME will provide USPR with investment banking and financial advice for developing a strategy for company growth and success. DME plans to help USPR go forward with the Company’s business plan and drilling campaigns, maximizing its’ full potential by providing their financial expertise. DME is a member of the NYSE that provides the services of a licensed broker-dealer to multi-million dollar publically traded companies, US Precious Metals Inc should benefit from the relationship — Watch Webcast or Hear Audio


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