Best Stocks To Buy And Options Trading Strategies Services Posts Large Gains

Best Stocks to Buy September 2014

Best Stocks To Buy And

Options Trading Strategies

Services Posts Large Gains

Best stocks to buy and how to trade options investing strategies text message trade alerts services from Princeton Research, Inc. announce large gains and profits from their where to invest now alerts.


The top stocks to buy now and how to make money with options trade alerts profit performance posted by the company include:


* A 49.3% leap in Cleveland BioLabs (stock symbol: CBLI) a small cap medical stock featured in the Market Investing Strategies newsletter and on the Money Info Best Investments Stock Market News Today Show 

Best Stocks to Buy September 2014

* 109% profits for the August and over 83% YTD returns in 2014 for subscribers to the text message options trading alerts service


* 284% returns in 2013 for the options trading strategies trade alerts service

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In the stocks to watch and good stocks to buy section of the where to invest now July and August issues of Market Investing Strategies newsletter included coverage of undervalued small cap medical stock, Cleveland BioLabs (stock symbol: CBLI).


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Here is the best undervalued stocks to buy now coverage of CBLI:

 Innovative Drugs To Treat Cancer

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc

( CBLI $ 0.40 )*

Want to buy a close above $ 0.43. CBLI is an innovative biopharmaceutical company seeking to develop first-in-class pharmaceuticals designed to address diseases with significant medical need.

The company’s lead product candidates are Entolimod, which is being developed as radiation countermeasure and a potential cancer treatment, and Curaxin CBL0137, our lead oncology product candidate.

The company conducts business in the United States and in the Russian Federation through our three operating subsidiaries, Incuron, LLC, BioLabs 612, LLC and Panacela Labs, Inc.

The company maintains strategic relationships with the Cleveland Clinic, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia.

To learn more about Cleveland BioLabs, Inc., please visit the Company’s website at

Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.

(NASDAQ Stock Symbol: CBLI)

Corporate Site:

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Financials News – Click Here

June, July and August 2014 Money Info Show’s stock market news today, what to invest in and making money in options coverage has included live interviews with executives at Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.


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– AUGUST 18, 2014

Medical Stocks To Buy

More news on best small cap stock to buy:

CBLI Stock News: Cleveland BioLabs stock soars –

Shares Up Big After Report Of

Positive FDA Opinion Issued For

Entolimod, Cancer Treatment And

Radiation Countermeasure Drug


• Shares of small cap medical stock, Cleveland BioLabs (CBLI +49.3%) leap on a considerable 23x surge in volume. The small cap medical stock reported that its existing safety and efficacy data and animal-to-human dose conversion are enough to proceed with a pre-Emergency Use Authorization submission to the FDA for the use of entolimod to reduce the risk of death following radiation exposure.


• The company’s opinion is based on the minutes from its July meeting with the agency. Regulatory approval will allow the use of entolimod in the occurrence of a radiological or nuclear emergency.


• In a study involving 179 non-human primates, a single IM shot of entolimod administered 25 hours following whole-body irradiation improved survival from 27.5% to 75%.

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More penny stocks to buy news:

Cleveland BioLabs Announces

Green Light to Submit

Pre-Emergency Use Authorization Application for Entolimod

BUFFALO, NY — (Marketwired) — 09/03/14 — Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (CBLI(NASDAQ: CBLI) today announced that the minutes from its meeting with theU.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July confirmed that the Company’s existing efficacy and safety data and animal-to-human dose conversion are sufficient to proceed with a pre-Emergency Use Authorization (pre-EUA) submission for entolimod for reducing the risk of death following exposure to potentially lethal irradiation occurring as the result of a radiation disaster.

  top stocks to buy

Cleveland BioLabs Provides

Medical Countermeasures Against

Probable Terrorist Attacks

Terrorism is a real threat to America’s homeland as we have seen in recent news. However, we can take a little solace in the truth that the recent terrorist strike involved crude homemade non-radiological bombs. The fact remains that the world we are in is under constant threat from larger terrorist attacks, namely the sort that could involve “dirty bombs”.

A dirty bomb is a radiological weapon that includes radioactive material with typical explosives. Obviously, the aim of such a disgusting weapon is usually to inflict as much radioactive poisoning upon human beings as possible. In an effort to there will be the damage a radiological weapon might inflict around the American people, the United states Government began providing money to certain developmental firms.

One company that your U. S. Government possesses provided money to pertaining to developing radiological countermeasures is Cleveland BioLabs (NASDAQ: CBLI).

Cleveland BioLabs, is a developmental stage biopharmaceutical company aiming to treat cancer, prevent as well as treat acute radiation affliction (ARS), and counteract your toxic effects of airwaves and chemotherapies for oncology individuals. Let’s delve a little deeper into this interesting biotech company, along with others linked to preventative measures against prospective attacks.

 small cap stocks to buy

The “Project BioShield Act” had been enacted on July 21 years old, 2004, as part of a broad strategy to support defend America against tools of mass destruction. Our elected representatives appropriated $5. 6 billion towards the Project BioShield Special Reserve Fund to guide the research, development, as well as acquisition of priority medical countermeasures against chemical, neurological, nuclear, and radiological (CBRN) threats. The Biomedical Advanced Study and Development Authority (BARDA)is the arm on the U. S. Department of Health insurance and Human Services charged along with allocating the funds. In a underreported development, Congress not too long ago earmarked additional funds pertaining to BARDA. The Pandemic as well as All-Hazards preparedness Reauthorization Act of 2013 was simply just signed into law on March 13th, designating one more $2. 8B for catastrophe related drug research as well as development.


In September of recently, BARDA awarded up in order to $106 million to Cytori Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CYTX) to develop cell therapies for winter burns and radiation harm. The aim of this deal was to evaluate and create new countermeasures pertaining to widespread thermal burns from mass casualty event like we saw in Fukushima inside 2011. For a company with a market cap of just $166 million and limited sources of revenue, a contract this large is important in furthering development associated with existing and possible future therapies which may potentially grow the business.

Best Stocks To Buy And

Options Trading Strategies Services

SIGA specializes in your development of therapeutic solutions for some of the most lethal pathogens such because Smallpox, Ebola, Dengue as well as Lassa Fever. Since most of these pathogens are highly contagious, they are all potential vehicles for neurological terrorism and warfare. The good thing is, these types of threats rarely happen. However, the federal government has to be poised to contain these pathogens if a large-scale biological attack were ever to happen.


Having stockpiles of these therapeutic agents available is critical in being able to not only treat individuals, but also to prevent the spread of the pathogens in between hosts. In March, SIGA made its first confirmed delivery of ARESTVYR in order to US Strategic National Stock Piles for treating Smallpox. The contract with BARDA entitles SIGA to approximately $400 million for your delivery of two trillion courses of ARESTVYR. SIGA is a small biotech company with a market cap of $166 trillion and revenues under $10 trillion. A contract this size is a major milestone to a smaller cap biotech company just trading at $3. twenty two per share.


Other companies have gotten to aid their growth by making use of the BARDA as well.


Comparable to these previously mentioned firms, Cleveland BioLabs is likewise well positioned to cash in on legislation injecting one more $2. 8B for catastrophe related scenarios.


The corporation’s lead compound, Entolimod, is it being developed as both a cancer treatment and as a radiation countermeasure.


The business refers to the latter as Entolimod Biodefense, and the compound has confirmed to be quite remarkable in specialized medical studies. Cleveland’s research and development of those compounds is so very important, as we need to there will be the event of using a dirty bomb.


Entolimod is clearly the U. Utes. government’s best hope at having a simple yet effective biologic countermeasure if such an event were to come about. In June of recently, Cleveland released the link between a study that monitored the efficacy of Entolimod inside combating radiation exposure inside 179 rhesus monkeys. Inside the randomized, placebo-controlled study, the monkeys were come across a 70% lethal dose of total body irradiation.


The outcome from the largest examine of its kind previously conducted were impressive, because the survival was nearly 3 x that of the manage group. Only 27. 5% on the control group survived your exposure, but over 70% on the monkeys treated with Entolimod survived after just a single dose.

 Small cap stocks to buy

The company has also completed two successful specialized medical studies that involved tests the safety of Entolimod inside 150 healthy human volunteers, with a flu-like syndrome being probably the most frequent adverse side impact.


Similar to Chimerix, Cleveland is utilizing the dog Rule of 2002 to meet the FDA requirements in order to file a Biologic License Application (BLA) as being a radiation countermeasure. The FDA established the dog Rule to provide a great approval process for prescription drugs and biologics in specialised cases when clinical efficiency studies on humans usually are not feasible. The company is doing work closely with the FDA to look for the projected human efficacious dose depending on comparison of biomarker tendencies in humans and inside animals.

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Radioactive material goes missing in Kazakhstan

Reuters: Suzanne Plunkett

Authorities in Kazakhstan are on high alert after a container holding the highly radioactive and dangerous substance cesium-137 disappeared in the west of the country, police said Tuesday.

A police spokesman for the Mangistau region said the material — used for medical purposes and also a by-product of nuclear explosions and reactors — appeared to have fallen off a vehicle transporting it.

“The container with the radioactive isotope caesium-137 has not been found so far,” police spokesman Azamat Sarsenbayev told AFP, adding that authorities discovered it had gone missing last Wednesday.

Exposure to caesium-137, which has a half-life of 30 years, can result in severe burns or even death, and locals have been warned not to open the container if they find it.

The country’s security services, emergency response workers and the military have been involved in efforts to find the container, which weighs some 50-60 kilogrammes (110-130 pounds).

The origin of the missing material was not revealed by authorities in Kazakhstan, which inherited nuclear warheads and a weapons test site when the Soviet Union collapsed.

The UN atomic watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, to which such incidents are normally reported, had no immediate comment to make on Tuesday.

Caesium-137 is just one of many radioactive substances used in hospitals, universities and industry worldwide. Others include iridium-192, americium-241 — used in smoke detectors — and cobalt-60.

Every year dozens of cases of loss, theft or unauthorized activity are reported to the IAEA, and there have been numerous incidents of these substances causing serious illness and fatalities.

But the big worry is that extremists could get hold of the materials and use them in a “dirty bomb” — a device whereby conventional explosives disperse radioactive materials.

Although the damage and loss of life caused by such a “dirty bomb” would be a fraction of that unleashed by a fission or fusion atom bomb, it could still cause mass panic in an urban area.


This Project Bioshield Act was a act passed simply by the United States Congress in 2004 calling for $5 billion for purchasing vaccines that has to be used in the instance of a bioterrorist attack. [1] This was some sort of ten-year program to get medical countermeasures to biological,  chemical,  radiological, and nuclear agents for civilian work with.

A key portion of the Act was to permit stockpiling and syndication of vaccines which hadn’t been tested for safe practices or efficacy throughout humans, due to help ethical concerns. Efficacy these agents cannot always be directly tested throughout humans without in addition exposing humans to the chemical, biological, or maybe radioactive threat currently being treated. In these kinds of cases efficacy examining follows the FDA Animal Rule for pivotal creature efficacy. [2]

Given that the 2001 terrorist violence, the United States government has allotted nearly $50 billion to treat the threat regarding biological weapons. You. S. funding for bioweapons-related activities focuses on research for and also acquisition of treatments for defense. Biodefense financing also goes when it comes to stockpiling protective products, increased surveillance and also detection of natural agents, and strengthening state and infirmary preparedness. The increase in this type of funding is mainly just for this Project BioShield. Considerable funding also is going to Biomedical Advanced Study and Development Guru (BARDA), part regarding HHS. Funding for activities geared towards prevention has in excess of doubled 2007 and is also distributed to 11 federal agencies. [3] Efforts toward cooperative intercontinental action are section of the project.

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