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June 24, 2013

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Traders Comments

In the past several weeks I have received calls from subscribers with questions about both open positions and stocks in their portfolios.  Most cite the fact that most of the trading platforms have services available and they would like to have conversations of this nature……So, I am happy to comply and see how else Princeton Research can add to our client services.


Starting Wednesday morning I will initiate a free call-in from 10:00 EST for  these questions.  The call will last from 10:00-10:30 (or however long there are questions) to help traders understand our methods and have stock-specific advice.

If there is good participation I will expand the service to include a Friday call at 2:30 EST to discuss trading strategies for over the week-end period.


The call-in number is

Available To Members Only.

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special subscribe now offer:

If the mid-week call is a popular service it will be expanded.  This will carry no cost to subscribers.



We had a small loss of $219 this week

bringing the YTD performance back to $19,110


Unfortunately we were stopped out of our GLD put position and did not repurchase these since the 30 day wash sale rule came into play.  This means that if you repurchase a position that incurred a loss within a 30 day period you cannot take the loss for tax purposes. This includes the purchase of differing strike or expiration dates.


It was a very tough week in which we again saw triple digit ranges every day. The volatility continues in both directions.  The Dow and SP500 both closed near their highs on Friday after pulling back into the support around 14,700 and 1577 respectively.


The market is oversold, and while we may head to lower levels before the summer (always period of thin volatile action) we will have sharp moves in both directions.  Right now favor the long side, but please watch the texting service for new trades.


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