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In Anti-inflammation technology news for skincare and medical solutions Princeton Research has released a stocks to buy investment research report on biotech stock ProtoKinetix, Inc. (PKTX).

Anti-inflammation Technology News

ProtoKinetix, Inc.

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 ProtoKinetix, Inc. (PKTX.OB) is a biotech company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia that has developed and patented a unique family of Glycopeptide molecules (AAGP™). The Company joins professionals in the fields of cell biology, military medicine, healthcare and research. PKTX has developed revolutionary skincare and medical solutions for various applications in the stem cell, cosmetic and healthcare markets. ProtoKinetix is in dialogue with some major pharmaceutical companies to partner the development of this non toxic and effective therapeutic.

 AAGP™ is a synthetic form of AFGP (Anti Freeze Glycoprotein) which is derived from certain plants, insects and water dwelling fish/animals that enable survival at extremely cold temperatures. Dr. Geraldine Castelot Deliencourt invented AAGP™ through scientific research and biotechnology. Cells are essential to life functions and are vital to the health of tissues and organs that are subjected to damage caused by aging, disease and stress. Clinical tests have shown AAGP™’s ability to protect, repair and extend the life of cells, organs and tissues. Key focus is treatments that reverse damage by oxidation that cause diseases and debilitating conditions.

Inflammation is the cause of a vast number of human diseases. The current treatment options are extremely limited and often carry very severe side effects. Evidence, over the last four years has been rapidly building to demonstrate the exceptionally powerful anti inflammation effect of AAGP™ molecules. Every single cell line treated with AAGP™, regardless of the hostile antagonists used to trigger inflammation, have consistently proven resistant to inflammation.

To fast track the non steroidal anti inflammatory drug development, PKTX has been focusing on the application of topical therapies for acute diseases such as Iritis (inflammation of the eye) and Dermatitis (inflammation of the skin). There are 2 mechanisms of action in an anti inflammatory. First, AAGP™ acts as a cytostatic agent, slowing down and stopping the metabolism of the cells. Lastly, the end result is a complete elimination of the inflammation.

In 2004 PKTX filed for their first patent which was granted by INSA in 2006. In October 2011, the Company received a master patent by France’s Institute for Applied Science for successful testing in 6 treatment areas. Clinical tests were performed in the U.S. and Europe researching AAGP™’s safety and effectiveness for protecting cells, repairing cell damage and lengthening a cell’s life span.


Anti-inflammation Technology


 Oct 24, 2011: French Patent office issued PKTX the master patent on the AAGP™ family of molecules. The proprietary molecules were successfully tested to be stable and non toxic in the treatment of inflammation and aging; organ transplantation and cell, tissue, blood and cryopreservation.

Marketability increases with the patent giving PKTX the ability to commercialize cell technology with major corporations and research facilities.      

Sept 21, 2011: Dr. Gregory Evans, Opthamology Professor, had success in eye inflammation treatment studies. AAGP™ penetrates the eye and treats inflammation without side effects. The AAGP™ cell technology is a major advancement that treats the eye without corticosteroids that can damage sight – Read News Release


Anti-inflammation Technology 

Commercial Applications

Healthcare SolutionsCell, tissue and organ harvesting, storage and transplantation

Treatment of diseases and debilitating conditions caused by stress that causes inflammation, oxidation and radiation leading to tissue damage

Cosmetic ApplicationsProtect skin cells from damage and death caused by aging and UV exposure

Reformulated with existing skincare products or Coenzyme Q10 gives skin a more youthful, radiant and firmer appearance.

Stem Cells – Shown to relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis

Testing shows repair effects on cells and tissues from injured organs, limbs or the spinal cord

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