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Where To Invest June 20, 2107
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Wall Street began the week on a positive note with the S&P 500 ( +0.8% ) and Dow ( + 0.7% ) advancing to new all-time highs. It was a twenty-one day rally from the lows on May 31st to today’s new highs making a Dow gain of 520 points or + 2.4%.. The S&P 500 gained 1.7% during the same period also to new all-time highs. Nasdaq could have had a much better day up 87 points or 1.4%, but finished at its highs barely closing above its 13-day m.a. resistance. The Semiconductors ( SMH: $ 85.64 ) + $ 1.49, that lead the parade, also closed up 1.7%.
The Russell 2000 ( IWM 141.23 ) + $1.04 or also + 1.7%; cleared its 13-day m.a. but volume was less impressive.

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The best performing index without a doubt was the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index gaining over 7 points or an impressive 2.4% to 299.79, the highest close since March16th.

With brick and mortar Retail being threatened by the Amazon/Whole Foods acquisition, the markets seemed to ignore the likelihood of huge layoffs and less competitive store closings in the near future. The Fed is no longer a supporter of the bull market. Rather than buying trillions of dollars of bonds like they did from 2008, their major focus is cutting the balance sheet. What does the Fed do if suddenly 8 million jobs are lost?

It will take a continuation of solid corporate earnings, infrastructure spending and deregulations to keep the markets moving.


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