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June 8, 2015 — Where To Invest In 2015 Options Trading Newsletter
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June 8, 2015
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Where To Invest In 2015
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Gain for the Week $262

Year To Date Profits $ 5,687

Over 56% Returns

2014 Profits = $ 20,443
Over 204% Returns

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Market Strategies
$10,000 Trading Account Traders Comments

We have six open long positions:

SPY June 12th 209 Puts
TWTR June 37 Calls
SNSS July 2.50 Calls
TXN June 55 Calls
VA June 30 Calls and
XLF June 24 Calls

Funds in Use = $ 2,297

The Fed Doesn’t Matter!!!

Week 23 was very hectic in the market, but we were pretty quiet. We took a few small profits and small losses. Net for the week was a gain of $262 bringing YTD performance to a gain of $5,687.

We have 6 open positions using a total of $2,297.
Some short term puts were added just before the close Friday for balance.

We took several small profits early in the week based partially on my feel for the market as well as the fact that June expiration is just too close for some of the positions and as with TXN, I see upside potential and wanted to avoid decay and move to July calls. This particular trade as well as the position in DD we sold early last week avoiding declines later in the week.

The DD 6/70 calls we sold at $2.15 closed the week @ $ .54 and the TXN’s sold at $1.41 (low of the day Monday finished the week @ $ .36. Both would have been 50% Down rule liquidations. I replaced the TXN’s with the July 70’s at $1.04 which closed at $ .95 but the stock came all the way back to near the 200 day moving average and closed very near the high of the day Friday.
A rally toward $56-57 would not surprise me if we get any strength this coming week.
If not, we have over 6 weeks until expiration.

So the message of the week was very clearly that the Fed has no power over the mid to long end
of the rate curve. The market is the ultimate pricing mechanism and as everyone knows, or
should know by now….NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE MARKET !!! And clearly the market doesn’t
really care what Janet Yellen or anyone else says…It’s pricing IS reality.

But as I said last week, this is great news for the financials. This is especially true of those like
JPM and BAC who both take in deposits. They have little to pay against short or even mid term
deposits and can start to make a real spread lending a little longer down the curve. And while
they have dramatically reduced their leverage, they can in fact create much better results for
the first time in many years. I don’t include Citi (C) and I may be wrong but the fact is that JPM
and BAC act differently than C. JPM is actually currently at all-time highs and BAC fell from around
$40 to $4 and is almost half way back @ $17.50. Not so for Citi. It has come up from $10 to $50,
but that is dramatically misleading since in May of 2011 it was reverse split 1:10 so todays price
is really bases on the equivalent move from $500 to $10 and back to $50…still down 90% compared
to the others. Maybe the rising tide will lift all ships but my opinion is, the better ones are coming
back faster…I may be wrong in this judgement but frankly there are plenty of names with which to be
involved and the elimination of one doesn’t really hurt us.

Also, trading options means if I want to trade December 2016 80’s instead of July 55 or 60’s there’s no more money involved in the calls. To Citi I just say “prove it and I’ll get involved.”

Market Strategies $10,000 Trading Account Trade Table


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1.17 351
06/05 1.05 420
06/04 1.26    378    $   45 Loss
06/04 1.41 423
06/04 1.49     298    $ 110 Gain
06/02 0.07     105    $ 105 Loss
06/01 0.90 360
06/01 2.10     840    $ 200 Gain
06/01 1.41     282    $ 102 Gain
05/29 0.30 300  
05/26 0.14 210  
05/22 0.60 600  
05/15 1.80     360    $ 180 Gain
05/14 1.20 480
05/13 1.60 640
05/11 0.76 456
05/11 0.90 360


Remember, these trades are based on your participation in the
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Previous closed out trades not listed here may be seen in previous market letters in the
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NOTE: In texting we have a limited amount of words. In the interest of brevity:

The Quantity and Strike Price for each trade is specific. 1=January, 2=February

Trading is hypothetical. We may trade weekly options and they are noted: SPY 1/25 147 for
SPY Jan 25th 147 Calls or Puts.

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