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Undervalued Medical Products Stock Featured on Money Info Investment News

The May 23, 2017 where to invest now Money Info Investing News Show features a live interview with

Eric Bauer, COO of RMS Medical Systems, Inc.

(Stock Symbol: REPR)


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Part 1 of the show features where to invest now market strategies discussion with Greg Wyatt, Gary Cella and Charles Moskowitz.

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Undervalued Medical Stocks

Visit the corporate website: RMSMedicalProducts.com


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Eric Bauer, COO of RMS Medical Systems, Inc. (Stock Symbol: REPR) discusses attendance at a major medical products company trade show and new mobile phone apps to enhance the performance of RMS Medical Products.

Undervalued Medical Stocks

Visit the corporate website: RMSMedicalProducts.com


Click Here For REPR stock quotes,

trading charts and latest news releases

See RMS Medical Investors Information Page with financials


RMS Medical Products

Inspiration for health, freedom for living


Where To Invest Undervalued Stocks

RMS Medical Products MISSION:

To improve the Quality of Life of patients around the world

through the design, development and delivery of the

highest quality innovative therapeutic solutions.


Worldwide, RMS Medical Products drives healthcare inspiration – in the minds of our patients, our employees, our customers and our shareholders – to give everyone greater freedom for living. We design and manufacture safe, affordable medical devices to make quality healthcare a reality for everyone.

We focus on home and specialty infusion solutions, emphasizing responsive problem-solving for our customers, and careful consideration for the patient experience. Our primary products are the FREEDOM60® and FreedomEdge® DynEQ Infusion Systems, RMS Precision Flow Rate Tubing™, HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™ and RES-Q-VAC®Hand Held Medical Suction.

We are passionate about helping people with our reliable medical devices made at our HQ in Chester, NY (USA). Our products, as well as product support, are offered worldwide by RMS and through a global network of distributors and service providers.

Eric Bauer, COO

Eric Bauer has over 35 years of varied manufacturing experience.  Mr. Bauer started his career as a Manufacturing Engineer and has held positions in operations, sales, marketing, finance and general management.  He was President of a company which manufactured micro-pumps for both the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, with operations being both ISO and FDA certified.

Mr. Bauer was also CEO of a leading developer and manufacturer of prestige cosmetics and body care products. Mr. Bauer led a cultural transformation from a family owned business to a world-class, quality and process driven manufacturer, resulting in significant sales growth.

Mr. Bauer has a degree in Engineering from SUNY at Buffalo, an MBA from the University of Rochester and has attended executive development programs at MIT, Columbia and Duke Universities.

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The Freedom60 has a proprietary technology

that makes it desirable for the

delivery of medications in a wide variety of  therapies.

Medical Products Stock news

It is very popular for the delivery of subcutaneous immunoglobulin for the treatment of primary immune deficiency disease. The infusion pump uses “ dynamic equilibrium” which safely adjusts the flow of medication in accordance with what the patient’s body can accept.

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Medical Stock News

RMS announces hiring of Eric Bauer as Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Bauer brings to RMS over 25 years of experience driving operational excellence in growing organizations within FDA regulated environments. – See News


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Medical Products Stock News

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Undervalued Medical Stocks