Undervalued Medical Stock

Undervalued Medical Stock

Undervalued Medical Stock


Highest Reported Twelve Month Net Sales and Net Income in Company History

Double-Digit Percentage Growth in Net Sales

Increased Profitability

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Undervalued Medical Stocks

RMS Medical Products, Inc.

(Stock Symbol: REPR)


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RMS Medical Products

Inspiration for health, freedom for living


RMS Announces Results for Three, Ten and Twelve Months Ending December 31, 2017

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RMS Medical Products (OTCQX:REPR) announced the latest financial results for the three, ten and twelve months ending December 31, 2017.

The selected financial results encompass the periods since the Company’s fiscal year ending on February 28, 2017. To facilitate a period-to-period comparison despite the change in the Company’s fiscal year, the selected financial results also include the three and twelve-month periods ending December 31, 2017 and 2016.

Highlights Three Months Ending December 31, 2017 versus 2016

  • 44% Increase in Net Sales
  • 39% Increase in Gross Profit
  • 14% Decrease in Operating Expenses as % of Net Sales
  • 10% Increase in Net Income as % of Net Sales


Growth in net sales in 2017 was driven principally by increased volume with our existing customers domestically and internationally in all major product categories. The launch of a new drug generated increased needle sales and we believe the new 510(k) clearance by the FDA for the RMS “Integrated Catch-Up Freedom Syringe Drive Infusion System” on August 31, 2017, which includes specific clearance for Cuvitru® and Hizentra®, also contributed in part to increased sales. Internationally, we gained business in several new countries, a current distributor has expanded its home infusion business, and facilitated subcutaneous immunoglobulin gained traction in Europe. Also contributing to the 2017 increase was a backlog at December 31, 2016 of $0.3 million, which was filled during the current period. Excluding this backlog, net sales grew 20.2% for the twelve month period ending December 31, 2017.

The increase in gross profit was driven by the increase in net sales, which was partially offset by the increase in higher salary and related benefits costs from overtime and the addition of a second shift to meet increased demand. Furthermore, increased scrap during quality inspections also negatively impacted gross profit and the gross margin. In January 2018, we implemented a nondestructive testing protocol to reduce scrap.

Andy Sealfon, RMS Chief Executive Officer commented,

“I am so pleased to announce that due to the outstanding performance and expanded market acceptance of our FREEDOM Syringe Infusion System, as well as the confirmation by the FDA of the unique technology supporting the use of our system for subcutaneous medications including Hizentra® and Cuvitru®, as well as for intravenous uses such as antibiotics, we experienced our best year ever in the Company’s history for net sales and profitability. With new markets opening, planned introduction of new products this year, multiple new clinical trials underway, and international market expansions, we believe we are well positioned for future growth.”


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RMS Medical Products MISSION:

To improve the Quality of Life of patients around the world

through the design, development and delivery of the

highest quality innovative therapeutic solutions.


The most valuable home infusion system

We work to help reduce healthcare costs

through the increasing success of home infusion

with our Freedom DynEQ™ infusion systems.


Worldwide, RMS Medical Products drives healthcare inspiration – in the minds of our patients, our employees, our customers and our shareholders – to give everyone greater freedom for living. We design and manufacture safe, affordable medical devices to make quality healthcare a reality for everyone.

We focus on home and specialty infusion solutions, emphasizing responsive problem-solving for our customers, and careful consideration for the patient experience. Our primary products are the FREEDOM60® and FreedomEdge® DynEQ Infusion Systems, RMS Precision Flow Rate Tubing™, HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™ and RES-Q-VAC®Hand Held Medical Suction.

We are passionate about helping people with our reliable medical devices made at our HQ in Chester, NY (USA). Our products, as well as product support, are offered worldwide by RMS and through a global network of distributors and service providers.

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The Freedom60 has a proprietary technology

that makes it desirable for the

delivery of medications in a wide variety of  therapies.

Medical Products Stock news

It is very popular for the delivery of subcutaneous immunoglobulin for the treatment of primary immune deficiency disease. The infusion pump uses “ dynamic equilibrium” which safely adjusts the flow of medication in accordance with what the patient’s body can accept.

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Undervalued Medical Stocks News

RMS Medical Products News

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Undervalued Medical Products Stock


Undervalued Medical Stocks