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Stock Options Trading

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July 1, 2013:

The uptick in volatility continues to grow with more triple-digit days this month than in the past 6 combined. This increase highlights the degree of uncertainty related to the Feds future actions.


The May Bernanke statements about “tapering” has upset the market….


Even though the Chairman again restated his position a the monthly FOMC meeting after-comments, the market is still having difficulty digesting its or message.


After all, the benchmarks for the end of QE are nowhere in sight and 6.5% unemployment is not possible anytime soon.


And yet the traditional safe haven hiding places have taken a dramatic beating.  Utilities have fallen 14% since early May and the 10-year note rates have rocketed from 1.6% to a high this week of 2.67%.


We have discussed this in this space recently and continue to note that while rates are still relatively low historically, a jump of over 60% in any short timeframe is dramatic.  This throws the individual investors “safety net” in governments and utilities into question.  What is hasn’t done as yet is to initiate the great “rotation from bonds into stocks” that has been talked about as the next great stimulus for the market.


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Stock options trading free alerts