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The show featured an interview with

Sylvain Desrosiers of

Southern ITS International, Inc.

Stock Symbol: SITS

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We discussed the SITS partnership agreement to bring to the market New Innovative GPS Tracking Ankle Bracelets to Monitor Offenders

The SITS GPS Satellite Monitoring Bracelets allow precise and reliable information about the location of house arrest offenders at an affordable cost 24/7.

Their unique services of tracking in house arrest offenders with a complete control and autonomy from the correctional officer back by a complementary services of creating monthly report of each bracelet activities and Monitoring live each inmate by our state of the art control command center. 

Security Stock News

With over 11 years of experience in GPS tracking of assets and people, eMAP and its partner are leaders in GPS technology with the development of software and hardware.

On Feb 27, 2014 Southern ITS International, Inc. announced their partnership agreement with private company, Emap, Inc. to commercialize their new innovative tracking and monitoring GPS tracking ankle bracelets (See: for house arrest, parole, and other types of offenders that require monitoring.

Security Stock News

The innovative approach of this new product and services fixes the issues that the industry is facing, which is the large amount of false alarms. Reducing the number of false alarms by 99% makes the data available to correctional officers accurate and relevant for them to do their jobs.

The partnership agreement is for SITS to promote sales, collect the fees, operate and manage the monitoring center operations. Emap, Inc will provide the ankle bracelet technology and expertise for GPS tracking

 See News Release

Regarding this news Jason Bell, Chief Executive Officer of Southern ITS International, Inc., noted,

“We have a great reputation in the complex and high compliance security integration business. Part of our strategy is to continue to build our brand through turnkey service contracts for GPS Ankle bracelets. These contracts are normally for a period of 3 to 5 years and bring a recurrent revenue stream which allows us to grow the company. The market size of the GPS ankle bracelet is considerable in the USA with over 500,000 ankle bracelets currently in use. The expected growth percentage for the use of such a device is in the double digits. We are continuing our growth in the integration business sector that is showing the greatest potential for return”.

EMap proprietary technology eliminates many of the issues and false alerts that are presently common with other solutions from other manufacturers. Criminal case workers and enforcement agencies today are being bombarded with alerts that they simply cannot manage and therefore generally ignore – which ironically provides the prisoner the very freedom the system was designed to prevent.

Emap also provides tools to the criminal case workers and correctional officers that allow them to have a quick snap shot of offenders ankle bracelet activities per day, weeks, and months with all the proper documentation. One of the best tools is the “one page snap shot” that shows all the alarms by type from minor to major, colored coded for easy review.

Security Technology Stock NewsSecurity Technology Stock News

Security Technology Stock News

SITS plans to reduce its number of authorized shares from 500,000,000 to 250,000,000, and also is planning to start to buy back some of its float after the first quarter – See News


Southern ITS International, Inc. Signs Its First Correctional Facility Contract – The Security System Installation Project Contract was with the state of Nevada. This is a Federally Funded contract for a replacement and upgrade of a complete Electronic Surveillance system and inmate phone system at a correctional facility in Northern Nevada. The installation was started in January 2014 – See News


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Security Technology Stock News

Security Technology Stock News