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The Princeton Research Money Info show features where to invest now, stock market, business, economy and financial investment news.

The show is broadcast live on the internet and on the air  from the studios of Radio Station WPSL AM 1590, Port St. Lucie, Florida — The Talk of the Treasure Coast 

Money Info is hosted by investing experts Mike King, Charles Moskowitz and Gary Cella together with radio broadcasting professional Greg Wyatt.

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Investment News Show Replays

June 28 Show:

June 28th Money Info Investing News show will feature live interview with:

RMS Medical Systems, Inc.

(Stock Symbol: REPR)

Chairman of the Board 

Andrew Sealfon

Medical Stocks To Buy

Hear a replay of the show:

Andrew Sealfon Interview starts at 25 minutes

RMS Medical Products is a U.S. manufacturer of medical devices which maintains offices and manufacturing facilities in Chester, NY. They employ 60 people. For more than three decades, the company has been a leading innovator in the medical device industry in the development and production of proprietary devices and supplies.

Principal products include  the Freedom 60 Syringe Infusion System, RMS High-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets and the RES-Q-VAC Medical Suctioning Pump. In addition to being regulated by the FDA which has the authority to approve medical devices for marketing in the U.S., RMS complies with ISO International standards for quality development and manufacturing. RMS Medical Products is a d/b/a of Repro-Med Systems, Inc which was founded in 1980.


Visit the corporate website: RMSMedicalProducts.com

Click Here For REPR stock quotes,

trading charts and latest news releases

See RMS Medical Investors Information Page with financials —Click here 

Fourth quarter preliminary net revenues will exceed $3.2 million, representing a slight increase over the $3.1 million of the previous quarter.   Sales are led by the Company’s proprietary infusion products.  The Company’s fiscal year ended February 29, 2016.

Andy Sealfon, Company President and CEO commented, “The military has expressed interest in our products for utilization in emergency applications as well as use in VA hospitals.  We believe that because of our performance standards and the reliability of our products, we will provide them with great value and benefits.”

The Company manufactures medical products used for infusions and suctioning. The Infusion product portfolio currently includes the FREEDOM60(R) and the newer FreedomEdge™ Syringe Infusion Pumps, RMS Precision Flow Rate Tubing(TM) and RMS HIgH-Flo(TM) Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets. These devices are used for infusions administered in professional healthcare settings as well as at home. The Company’s RES-Q-VAC line of medical suctioning products is used by emergency medical service providers in addition to a variety of other healthcare providers.

NHIA is a trade association representing the interests of entities providing infusion and specialty pharmacy products and services to home-based infusion patients.

Repro-Med Systems, Inc has had an increase in sales each of the last four years. They finished the year of 2014 with $ 11.2 million in sales reflecting top line growth of  29% from 2013.In each of the previous two years they had a 12% increase in sales. The company has had at least $ 700 thousand of net income in each of the past four years and has no debt. The patented needle sets alone can give the company a huge growth potential. In my opinion, with new products coming on stream, the stock should trade between $ 3 and $ 8 in the next two years.


Undervalued Small Cap Medical Stock News

Repro Med Systems, Inc. Posts Strong Revenue Growth,

Productivity Gains and Announces New Interim Chief Operating Officer

See News Release


The Freedom60 has a proprietary technology

that makes it desirable for the

delivery of medications in a wide variety of  therapies.

Medical Products Stock news

It is very popular for the delivery of subcutaneous immunoglobulin for the treatment of primary immune deficiency disease. The infusion pump uses “ dynamic equilibrium” which safely adjusts the flow of medication in accordance with what the patient’s body can accept.

This minimizes complications often encountered with other infusion systems which can lead to site reactions and discomfort for the patient. The portability and simple operation of the FREEDOM60.

under valued medical products stock


Improves  quality of life for patients who otherwise might have to use a complicated electronic pump mounted to a cumbersome infusion pole. Patients then don’t have to be confined.

RMS High-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets are being welcomed by healthcare providers and patients alike for their consistently high quality. The infusion sets are an ideal companion for the company’s FREEDOM 60 pump, but can be used with any manufacturer’s infusion pump as well.

RES-Q-VAC is a hand-held suction pump used to clear a patient’s airway or for other purposes when reliable hospital quality suctioning is needed. It uses patented technology to protect users from airborne pathogens and spillage of suctioned material. It is used by emergency service personnel and other first responders, as well as in hospitals and other institutions. There also is a version for use by dentists. RES-Q-VAC is invaluable in the event of disasters where power is lost because it doesn’t require electricity.


top medical products stock

The Freedom 60 Syringe Infusion System is a method for administering medication through a small needle to the subcutaneous tissue, which is the fatty tissue just under the skin. Subcutaneous infusion allows medication into the vascular system more slowly. Combined with more frequent delivery this provides more consistent and stable blood levels. The elimination of large swings in these levels decreases side effects improving overall quality of life. RMS provides High-Flo needles to optimize liquid flow. Their smaller 26 gauge high flow needle flows at the same rate as the considerably larger 24 gauge needles,  which are considerably less painful when entering the skin.


Undervalued Medical Stock
on Investing News Show

June 21, 2016 Show:

Undervalued Skin Products Stock

Sunscreen Product Stocks

on Investment News Show

The June 21 small cap stocks to buy and investing news show, Money Info, features:

Terry Howlett, 

President & CEO of

Skinvisible, Inc.

Stock Symbol: SKVI

Skin Products Stocks


See Skinvisible Corporate Site — Skinvisible.com Click Here

Get Skinvisible (SKVI) stock quote, trading chart and latest news from YAHOO finance —Click Here

Listen to a Replay of the show:

The interview starts at the 24:30 Minute mark.

Once the video starts, you can hover over bottom of video to get controls and move them to the start of the interview.

Undervalued Skin Products Stock

Skinvisible Sunscreen product ad featured in USA Weekend edition right below Melanoma article.

Skinvisible featured in Drug Development & Delivery journal

Skinvisible’s Kintari Launches New Addition to Product Line

See News – Skinvisible Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary Kintari USA Inc., marketer of patented “Youth Renewed” skin care products, is pleased to announce the official expansion of its product line to include Kintari’s long-lasting Hand & Body Lotion.

Kintari’s product line now consists of four skincare products, all uniquely formulated utilizing our patented Invisicare® skin delivery technology and developed by scientists from Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals is a research-and-development company that licenses its proprietary formulations made with Invisicare, its patented polymer delivery system that offers life-cycle management and unique enhancements for topically delivered products. Invisicare holds active ingredients on the skin for extended periods of time resisting both wash off and perspiration along with controlling the release of actives and reducing skin irritation. Skinvisible’s value also lies in its ability to continually generate new IP on topical products formulated with Invisicare. www.skinvisible.com, www.invisicare.com

Skin and Sunscreen Products Stocks

Skinvisible’s mission is to develop innovative technology and superior topical polymer delivery vehicles designed to significantly enhance product performance for established brand manufacturers and marketers of Rx and OTC dermatological, medical, cosmetic and skincare products.


It is Skinvisible’s intention to direct its ongoing energies and resources towards the following objectives:

  • To capitalize on licensing opportunities for its Invisicare technology and formulated products to established pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, skincare and consumer goods manufacturers.
  • To develop new polymer delivery vehicles designed to create or enhance formulated products for existing and new customers for a variety of applications.
  • To enter into strategic relationships and attract alliances to expand research, development and collaborative product investigations for its patented polymer delivery vehicles and formulations.
  • To increase on-going revenues and profitability from current licensees.
  • To maximize shareholder value.

Sunscreen Products Stocks

Terry Howlett — President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Howlett founded Skinvisible, Inc. in 1998. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial, business management and market initialization experience, he drives and directs the Company’s development and technology vision. He is adept at guiding emerging and publicly traded start-up companies through the stages of capital formation, strategic planning and business growth; specializing in venture capital financing. Mr. Howlett’s diversified background includes senior management, marketing, and sales positions with both established and start-up companies.

Sunscreen Products Stocks

Sunscreen Products Stock NEWS

Skinvisible’s Kintari Launches New Addition to Product Line

Kintari’s Skincare Line Expands

April 6, 2016 Skinvisible Inc., (SKVI) through its wholly-owned subsidiary Kintari USA Inc., marketer of patented “Youth Renewed” skin care products, is pleased to announce the official expansion of its product line to include Kintari’s long-lasting Hand & Body Lotion.

Kintari’s product line now consists of four skincare products, all uniquely formulated utilizing our patented Invisicare® skin delivery technology and developed by scientists from Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Anti-aging Skin care stocks

Skinvisible Expands Its Patent Portfolio with Comprehensive Acne Patent Adapalene, Retinoic Acid, Clindamycin and OTC Actives Now with IP Protection

Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SKVI) a pharmaceutical research and development company with its proprietary skin delivery technology Invisicare(R), today announced that it has expanded its patent portfolio with a new patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office entitled, “ACNE TREATMENT COMPOSITION AND METHODS FOR USING.”

“This patent is an important component of Skinvisible’s comprehensive intellectual property portfolio which includes sixteen patents that provide protection in the US and major international markets up to the year 2030. The granting of this patent recognizes the unique qualities of our Invisicare delivery technology. With the acne market generating over $5 billion in the U.S. last year, this new patent further enhances the value of our pipeline of products,” said Mr. Terry Howlett, President. “We are actively seeking a partner to license and advance the clinical development of our acne formulations and other prescription dermatology products.”


Skinvisible’s Kintari Revolutionizes the Sunscreen Market Skinbrella(R) Officially Launched

Skinvisible Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary Kintari International Inc., marketer of patented “Youth Renewed” skin care products, is pleased to announce the official launch of Skinbrella(R), a patented sunscreen like no other. Skinbrella meets or exceeds all FDA requirements for a broad-spectrum, 80 minute water-resistant sunscreen.

sunscreen product stocks


June 14, 2016:

The June 14th show features

USA Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Company

Undervalued Energy Stock News

live interview with:

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions:

The Only “Made in the USA” Lithium-Ion Battery

Steve Barber, Executive Chairman & CEO

Global Energy Solutions

Stock Symbol: OGES

See Corporate Site: OakG.net

See Investors Information Page with stock quotes

See OGES on Yahoo Finance

See Energy Stock Investors Information Report


Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. is an integrated, “made in USA”, energy storage solutions company that uses state-of-the-art technology to focus on making and developing advanced, high-quality cells, batteries, and power systems.


Their energy solutions are used in consumer, government, industrial, and military applications.

world energy solutions

The core business is in the design, development, and manufacturing of small to large format lithium ion cells, batteries, and battery systems.

Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Stock

Oakridge’s strategy is to simultaneously deliver innovation and build an industrial scale platform that includes multiple lithium ion technologies and form factors that are optimized to address three target markets: stationary and grid storage; motive applications including fleet vehicles, EV and HEV; and specialty applications including Military, Aerospace, Marine, Industrial, Scientific and Telecom backup.

Small cap energy stocks

Oakridge’s technology team is strongly engineering driven, with core capabilities in materials, product design, process control, manufacturing technology, quality and safety.

Made in the USA Lithium-Ion Battery


Steve Barber: Chief Executive Officer

Steve Barber has over 30 years of experience in the international business sector with dual qualifications in science and law, specializing in international corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions, asset acquisitions, corporate restructuring, offshore financing structures and the creation of new ventures, as well as government regulatory matters and counterterrorism risk management (especially terrorism financing restructures) in a range of international jurisdictions.

Steve holds the degrees of B.App. Sc (University of Southern Queensland), LL.B. & LL.M. (University of Adelaide), and an M.A. (Diplomacy) from Norwich University (VT).

Steve has resided in Australia, the U.S., and Canada, and his entrepreneurial approach and strength at building long term strategic alliances, coupled with his dual technical and corporate finance/law background equips him with the skill-sets necessary to bridge the gap between technical, operational, commercial, and government regulatory aspects required to create a dynamically successful, strategically focused business.

small cap US Energy Stocks

US Lithium-Ion Battery Producer

Oakridge is the poster child for the “Made in USA” movement and leads the charge in onshoring jobs and manufacturing back to America.

It manufactures hi-tech, leading edge, high quality, lithium ion batteries for high margin, niche consumer markets – golf cars, remote control cars, boats, drones and planes, home energy storage and living space power units for RVs, boats and interstate trucks, and starter motor batteries for “big boys toys” such as Harley Davidsons, jet skis, snow mobiles and boats – all cost competitive because of high quality, state of the art, automated US manufacturing techniques.

In an increasingly “unwired” world, batteries are THE recession proof product !


Energy Stock: USA Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions is a publicly traded company, listed as OGES on the OTC, whose primary business is the manufacturing and marketing of products incorporating lithium battery technologies. The lithium batteries are constructed of lithium ion compounds that provide higher power, longer life, and are lighter weight than traditional batteries. These batteries can be employed in a broad range of commercial and government applications and incorporate a proprietary technology which enhances the safe operation of the battery.


Undervalued USA Energy Stock 

Investor Highlights

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions is headquartered in Melbourne Florida. We are operating a 12000 square foot battery development, a 24,000 square foot warehouse facility, and a 50,400 square foot manufacturing facility presently employing 24 full time staff members. The manufacturing plant is equipped with state of the art fabrication and manufacturing equipment for Lithium Ion batteries. The development facility is equipped with state of the art laboratory equipment including: chemistry lab, mixing operation, characterization and testing laboratories, scanning electronic microscope, and 3D color Keyence digital microscope. We have all of the necessary test and fabrication equipment to develop battery cells and systems from raw material to final product with full testing and performance validation.


Major Objectives

Oakridge Global Energy Solutions is continuing to develop and manufacture standard off-the-shelf products for various industries as needed to meet client’s needs. The sales force will continue to interface with existing and potential clients to pursue opportunities in commercial and government markets. The development and manufacturing facilities will be optimized for the production of product as needed to meet client delivery requirements. Additional technical and administrative staff will be hired to support development and production as needed.



Investment Highlights


  • Batteries made in USA using a proprietary lithium chemistry
  • Lithium batteries produced are comparable in price to traditional lead-acid

batteries, but charge faster, last longer and are much lighter.

  • Rapidly expanding workforce, and has been approved for nearly $9 million in

property tax breaks from Brevard County

  • Confirmed orders of $19.3 million backlogged in the US
  • Additional orders of $50 million in the US and Australia that are awaiting firm

delivery schedule

  • Further $110 million of orders from Japan awaiting firm delivery schedule
  • Primary shareholder (90 percent) is Precept Fund Management SPC
  • Oakridge Global Energy Solutions owns 11,000,000 shares of Leclanché S.A., a

Swiss developer and producer of energy storage systems

  • Filed for NASDAQ main board listing on July 31, 2015


Small Cap Energy Stocks To Buy

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Undervalued Energy Stock News



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