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October 24, 2011, Market Strategies Guide to Successful Trading

October 24, 2011 admin 0

Special Note: We have been asked to help those who do not wish to make a $100,000 commitment to an account to scale back the initial investment to a $10,000 account.

We are answering this request with an account that will only trade options. However, in order to take full advantage to this new account, you really need to also subscribe to our Texting service. There is no cost involved, but in order to receive all of the trading suggestions, in a high volatility environment, we need to communicate more often than weekly.

To subscribe, simply TEXT the word UPDATES to 69302

and you will automatically be included.


New Trades for this week:

( 1 ) Buy 2 AAPL Nov 400 Calls @ 6.05

( 2 ) Buy 20 TBT November 23 Calls @ Mkt