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02/17 Sold 20 FB February 131 Puts  0.00      000      380 Loss
02/17 Sold 6 K March 77.50 Calls  0.50      300      270 Loss
02/16 Bought 6 K March 77.50 Calls  0.95  570
02/15 Bought 6 TWTR March 17 Calls  0.51  306
02/15 Sold 4 TWTR March 16 Calls  0.93      372        88 Gain
02/14 Bought 20 FB February 131 Puts  0.19  380  
02/13 Bought 4 TWTR March 16 Calls  0.71  284  
02/13 Sold 3 MOS February $ 32 Calls  1.96      588      402 Gain
02/10 Sold 2 MOS February $ 32 Calls  0.96      192        68 Gain
02/09 Bought 8 XOM April $ 85 Calls  0.93  744  
02/09 Sold 3 K February $ 75 Calls  1.44      432      207 Gain
02/09 Sold 3 K February $ 75 Calls

( 3 – 100% Rule )

 1.50      450      225 Gain
02/08 Sold 1 AMZN Feb 10th $ 815 Call  6.90      690      365 Gain
02/08 Sold 1 AMZN Feb 10th $ 815 Call  5.30      530      205 Gain
02/07 Bought 2 AMZN Feb 10th $ 815 Calls  3.25  650  
02/07 Sold 5 MOS February $ 32 Calls

( 100% Profit Rule )

 1.24      620      310 Gain
02/06 Sold 8 MRO March $18 Calls  0.28      224      128 Loss
02/06 Bought 8 MRO March $18 Calls  0.44  352
01/31 Bought 10 MOS February $ 32 Calls  0.62  620
01/23 Bought 6 K February $75 Calls  0.75  450

3rd Week expiration when the month is listed without a date


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This table summarizes the options trading service text message options trade alerts subscription service performance. The options trading system that makes money head trader analysis of market conditions and recent stock options trade alerts issued follows.

Options Trading Service

Options Trade Alerts

Charles Moskowitz Traders Discussion


The week itself saw several days of new all-time highs in the indexes.  Even the Transports were higher on the week after flashing another Dow Theory confirmation on Wednesday.  The market continues to grind higher with the default being “If they can’t take it down, they take it up.”  The only problem with this is that the internals are lagging and the new high/new low numbers are showing that this market is slowing.  The only issue that is clear now, as it has been for months, is the vacuum below anyone who misses numbers (often already reduced) or gives poor forward guidance.  It is not the least bit unusual to see drops of 10, 15 or 25% at the open for these sins.


The cross currents continue with the US$ slightly higher on the week with Gold and Silver also higher and Oil just slightly lower.  The Copper has had a great run from $2.05 back to $2.75, but when viewed in a long term time frame is still down over 50% from its 2011 highs of over $4.50.  If we do, in fact start to see more strong economic numbers, the metals have plenty of room to run on demand for use plus inflation hedges.


While I don’t want to try to pick a top in this market and get beaten over and over again, I will probably be buying a few S&P500 puts with a very short expiration as the weeks go on in order to protect against the downside.  As I said above, we are getting tired and the internals are a little soft, and believe it or not, this market will pull back.  Capitulation is coming and I have no desire to be naked long when we blow off, or Washington does something stupid and the switch that got turned on after election day gets turned off…CAM


Previous Post


Since I will be traveling to Las Vegas for some meetings on Monday I am going to keep positions light until Tuesday, although I do want to get back into Kellogg (K) on any pullback and will have that order tonight.


There are some pretty interesting cross currents at work here.  The dollar was strong early in the week with gold moving higher and oil was lower.  When the US$ gained strength on Wednesday the oil turned higher and the gold fell and then rebounded both closing at or near their highs.


On to the Trump issues of the week; I think this guy needs a bit more help from his advisors.  He has some excellent ideas, but they belong in the business arena and just don’t translate into the political realm as apples to apples.  As I mentioned in my mid-week note, many of the unintended consequences are just not foreseeable even for the smartest and most seasoned, and frankly the business of politics is politics, not business.  These are issued ingrained for a very long time and not given up easily, like term limits.  I hate to use the tanker cliché, but this is a ship that is just too big and difficult to turn on a dime.


As for the markets, they continue to grind higher and every day that we start off week and end with a rally back and $500MM or $1Billion to buy on the close shows the appetite for stocks. The strong US$ is a problem and the internationals can be hurt, but the strange thing about that scenario is that many are defensive stocks and as such get a lift in a weak market.


As I said above, this is a market with some very interesting cross currents….CAM


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