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Options Trading Service

Update on the Options Investing Trade Alerts Service


Today’s Investing Trade Alerts:


We Sold half of the

SJM June 130 Calls @ $3.50 on 100% Up Rule

For 100% profits


Yesterday we

SOLD Half SIG June 50 CALLS @ $1.50 on 100% UP RULE

For 100% Profits

And we

SOLD the Balance of SIG June 50 CALLS @ $2.70 on a Market Order

For 180% Profits


To secure trading profits we use a 100% Up Rule, where we will sell half of a winning position. Usually we continue to make profits on the other half.


This is one of the time tested and proven options trading rules we follow to produce significant profits for our Trade Alert Subscribers.


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When you become a Trade Alerts Member:


We Do The Research and Analysis Work,

We Send You The Buy Trades,

You Make The Trades,

We Let You Know When We Are Selling and

You Take and Keep Your Gains.


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Options Trading Service That Makes Money