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Options Trading Service 

Report from our Options Trading Service head trader reporting on results for our

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Options Trading Service 

Trade Alerts Analysis and Performance Results

Charles Moskowitz Discussion


1 Open Position:


Long 6 K February 75 Calls


Funds in Use = $ 450



Week 4 was a nice gain for us with MOS breaking out and profits taken before a pullback the next day. A small gain in HOG added to make the total for the week $644 and brought YTD gains up to $1,547.  We only have one open position in K 2/75 calls at a cost of $ .75 for a total funds in use of $450.


The Sunday morning shows were consumed by the new airport stops at airports around the country.  According to both of the shows I watched they both used the same numbers, with 325,000 arrivals the total number of people detained for further vetting was 109.  While the lines may have been inconvenient for those coming in (Americans included) let’s just remember that while everyone complained when we started with the enhanced TSA inspections, they serve to make us safer.  When I listen to Tim Kaine tell me that this also affects green card holders and those with valid student visas I would remind him that the Boston Marathon bombing was carried out by two brothers who had student visas and had lived here for years before the older went out and came back into the US.  The number of fatalities and life-changing injuries from just these two was way out of proportion to just two radicalized terrorists.  These are not good odds. And while Mr. Kaine complained, he offered no alternative, as usual.  At some point all of the partisan BS has to stop.


Back to the charts; I looked at over 800 this weekend and there are plenty that look okay and many that don’t.  The best I can say about the XRT is that it’s oversold.  In that area some of the value destruction in individual names is startling.  M -30%, ANF -50%, FOSL -30% (private label maker of watched for many), KSS -30%, LB -20% and closed All of its mall stores.  Again, the best that can be said of this group is that it’s oversold.  Mall business is bad.  I’m in N.Y. this weekend and have gone to several indoor malls and the big Roosevelt Field mall and there is just no traffic.  AMZN and the individual company websites are growing bigger and stronger daily while the brick and mortar wanes.


There are also many charts that have been incredibly strong that made new highs followed by closing lower.  Last, but not least, Gold had a rough week after running into resistance around 1220 backed off $40.  I’ll wait until I get a better idea on whether it holds this important 1180 area before reestablishing a long position or rallies to 1200 and fails to get short.  The oil seem stuck in the $55-51.50 range and is a non-trade to me unless I can sell the highs or buy the lows and use stops to limit risk….CAM


Options Trading Service 

Options Trading Alerts 

Trade Table


All trades were based on your participation in the texting service to receive updates.


01/27 Sold 4 HOG February $ 60 Calls  1.62        648        92 Gain
01/25 Sold 3 MOS February $ 32 Calls  1.92        576      300 Gain
01/24 Sold 3 MOS February $ 32 Calls  1.76        528      252 Gain
01/23 Bought 6 K February $75 Calls  0.75  450    
01/19 Bought 4 HOG February $ 60 Calls  1.39  556    
01/09 Bought 6 MOS February $ 32 Calls  0.92  552    

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options trading service

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