Options Investment Strategies October 3, 2011 Issue

Investment Strategies For Options and Stocks To Buy
Investment Strategies For Options and Stocks To Buy

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Market Strategies Investment Newsletter
October 3, 2011 Issue.


As of Oct. 3, 2011 Our $10,000 Portfolio Trading Account Has
Produced Profits Of $13,179 (131% Gains).

The $100,000 Portfolio Account Has Produced Profits Of $79,013 (79% Gains)

New Trades for this week:

( 1)  Buy 3 AAPL Oct 7th 395 Calls @ 3.10

The $10,000 Options Only account gained $ 2425  last week, its eighteenth week of  trading.

We came into the week with a balance  of $10,754.00 and with the profits last week enhanced the gains to $13,179.00.  

One position remains: The 3 IBM October 185 Calls.

Open positions are highlighted in the options table in the investment strategies newsletter.

We have now spent 8 weeks in the 100 point range (1130-1230) for the S & P. 500. While this area has been very reliable for trading, it feels like we may be ready to break one way or the other. One very serious issue remains the lack of Confidence of the American people in Washington…We are again going through the same  partisan posturing that hurt the market during the Debt ceiling fiasco.

One disturbing issue is the bullish pattern in the reverse index charts like the VIX,VXX,DUG, and SDS charts…a breakout here could lead to a serious decline.

Whether we break up or down from this consolidation we will continue to look for trading opportunities that meet our risk-reward criteria..CAM

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