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The show featured Bill Sawyer, CEO of Lucas Energy, Inc. (Stock Symbol: LEI).

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Lucas Energy, a Texas based oil & gas production company has announced execution of Joint Venture Term Sheet with Milestone Energy, LLC.

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The Joint Venture will develop oil and gas properties located in the Gonzales, Wilson, and Karnes Counties, Texas area of the Eagle Ford/Austin Chalk Trend. The binding provisions of the term sheet call for Milestone to contribute 80% of the cost or value of the acreage to be developed and the Company to contribute 20%, and Milestone will be responsible for 100% of the drilling and completion cost, as well as project generation fees. The Company anticipates Milestone contributing from between $40 million and $100 million to the joint venture pursuant to the terms of a final Participation Agreement.

Lucas Energy acquires low producing, shut in, or abandoned oil wells with underlying potential. Currently, Lucas Energy has acreage in the fast growing Eagle Ford Trend in Central Texas near San Antonio. Lucas has not departed from it base business plan of (1) acquiring wells at a low cost, (2) improving production in the wells, and (3) developing the underlying upside potential with joint venture partners.

The show also featured:

Casey Quintana with Pipeline Nutrition discussing their Tsunami Strike Nitric Oxide Pre- Workout High Performance Fitness Product. See

Tsunami Strike pre-workout formula is a high performance nitric oxide product for professional athletes and active individuals looking to improve their overall performance.

Tsunami Strike was designed in conjunction with a leading PhD exercise scientist and Human Performance Lab Director of a premier U.S. Research University. Backed by hard science, the BioMaxx blend in Tsunami Strike delivers a powerful Nitric Oxide Stimulator.


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