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March 5, 2013

Investment News Show

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The show featured an interview with innovative medical industry services company CEO Dr. Bruce Bedrick of Medbox Inc. 

(Stock symbol: MDBX)

Medical Stock News

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Medbox, Inc. patented systems that dispense medication to individuals based on biometric identification (fingerprint sample). Newly designed systems allow pharmacies, assisted living facilities, prisons, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and alternative medicine clinics to help manage employee possession of sensitive drugs.

Medical Services Stock

Medbox has a strong national and international presence with offices in:

Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, Arizona, Toronto, London, & Tokyo.

They have been awarded United States & Canadian Patents concerning the software and hardware related to our medicine dispensing machine.

Dr. Bruce Bedrick has appeared in interviews with:

CNN, ABCNews, Reuters, Associated Press, NPR

He has been featured in articles appearing in:

Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as over 30 other news agencies around the world concerning our cutting-edge products and services.

MDBX does not engage in the production, sale, or marketing of any products dispensed through our machines.

The company’s systems also allow clinics to document that the user is a registered patient and that the patient has a valid and unexpired authorization from a physician to possess and use the medicine dispensed. Each transaction is tracked internally for accounting and compliance purposes.

Through its subsidiaries Medbox offers turn-key consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry. The Company also provides consulting services to individuals and groups seeking to establish new clinics and facilities, often in jurisdictions that have recently passed legislation concerning the availability of alternative medicines as well as existing jurisdictions, nationwide.

Multiple benefits of the MDBX medication dispensing systems include:

* Inventory control and lower overhead for operators,
* Safe and convenient access for patrons,
* Fraud prevention as every transaction is documented,
* Guaranteed compliance to state and local laws,
* Unparalleled accounting and tracking.



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