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Tree Top Industries, Inc.

(Stock Symbol: TTII

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The show featured a  live interview with Tree Top Industries, Inc. (Stock symbol: TTII) CEO David Reichman.

Mr. Reichman discussed the companies World Without Blindness, an eye program for identifying predisposition for glaucoma.

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A subsidiary of Tree Top Industries, Inc., Eye Care Centers International, Inc. was formed to support the further growth and development of WorldWithoutBlindness, (“WWB”), an organization whose primary mission is to bring patented eye screening equipment to the developing world.


Mr. Reichman has been the CEO of Tree Top Industries, Inc. for nine years. Previously, he maintained a Business Management and Tax Law consulting group, and he is licensed by the US Treasury/Internal Revenue Service.


In addition, Mr. Reichman, anticipating the environmental movement by almost thirty years, was Co-General Partner and Tax Matters Partner in Harrison Re-cycling Associates, a company that maintained and operated the first recycling equipment for non-biodegradable Styrofoam and Styrene plastic in North America. Prior to that Mr. Reichman was employed by The American Express Company, where he held several positions, including Manager, Budget and Cost.

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Corporate Site:

Tree Top Industries, Inc. (TTII)

is a publicly traded mini conglomerate.

Tree Top subsidiaries and affiliates include intellectual properties, proprietary systems, and trade secrets in the bioscience and global health technology fields, among other new and emerging technologies, as well as interests in the oil and gas industries. Tree Top can provide the protective umbrella of a publicly listed, SEC compliant, PCAOB audited company to acquisition candidates, as well as structure, transparency, potential capital raise and growth potential.

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