Where To Invest Your Money Now – January 21, 2014

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$10,000 Account Traders Comments

 In 2013 YTD gains were $28,479

Over 284% Returns

By Following all of our trades a

$10,000 portfolio would be worth $38,479

The last 3 years our gains have gotten progressively greater year over year.

 284% Returns for $28,400 Profits In 2013

171% Returns for $17,100 Profits In 2012

77% Returns for $7,700 Profits In 2011 (only 33 weeks)


We had a gain this week of $465

bringing the 2014 YTD performance

back to a net loss of $1,392

The gain was from our purchase of AA and the subsequent liquidation of half of the position on the 100% Uprule @ $ .70 and the later sale of the balance as we run into overhead resistance @ $1.15. This is a trade that we will most likely return to on any weakness.

The market volatility seems to be gaining momentum.  We have had several days with higher opens and lower closes and lower opens and higher closes.  The daily ranges feel like they are about to expand and there is no shortage of earnings surprises and economic data to help it along in this shortened week.

Apple and some of the other big names have become quite erratic.  The overall weakness on Friday was masked by strength in only two names, Visa and AMEX.  Without these the Dow would have joined the SP500 and Nasdaq down  — 40% and .50% respectively.

As I mentioned above, AAPL had a low of $528 on Monday, a high of $560 on Wednesday and a low and close of $540.

Earnings are all over the place with misses in both directions.  BBY (Best Buy) missed and gave up almost a years gain to fall 0ver 35% in 2 days … This market is very susceptible to bad news.

NuSkin (a MLM personal products co) had news that it might be operating outside the regulations in China and fell from Mondays high of $140 to hit $67.51 on Thursday before finishing the week @ $79.47, down over 40% with 4 “Circuit breaker” halts along the way.


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