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The October 25th show features an interview with

Alex Romanov
President & Chief Executive Officer, Director of

iSIGN Media Corp.

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iSIGN Media Corp.

Interactive Marketing Solutions Stock

iSIGN Media a leading provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions that serves brands, commercial locations, retailers and service providers throughout North America.

ISIGN Media is a pioneer software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, gathering point-of-sale data and mobile shopper preferences to generate actionable data and reveal valuable consumer insights.

Creators of the Smart Antenna, an interactive proximity marketing technology, iSIGN enables brands to deliver targeted messaging, personalized offers and loyalty perks to consumer mobile devices on location and in real-time.


They have announced a signed contract between their reseller We Build Apps, LLC (“WBA”), and a major shopping complex for 500 Smart Antennas. The  anticipated minimum revenue to iSIGN is $2.7 million Canadian. SEE NEWS


iSIGN advertising is proximity advertising. Research shows that consumers receiving an ad within proximity to a retailer are far more likely to act on the ad. This is attributed to the fact that very little user work is required to act upon the impulse to purchase what the ad supports.  Other important benefits include:

Polling. Get consumer feedback on products in real-time.

Product details and Menu boards. Give users the ability to view detailed product info. Info can include menu boards that user’s can interact with to order product.

Wayfinding. Discover user location via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and provide real time directions from their location to a destination within a map.

Loyalty Programs. Track loyalty members using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to provide targeted advertising based on location history or member-selected categories.

The Bottom Line:

  • The cost of engaging a consumer at any time is $.03 or less which is significantly lower than print.
  • Unlike a bill board the consumer is in the store.
  • It is free to the consumer.
  • Allows advertising agencies to differentiate themselves since our experience has shown the better the content the greater the participation.
  • The system is easy to use and requires no capital to implement.
  • Can be a source of significant revenue for the retailer.
  • The back office analyzes data and results in real time and the output is customizable.

Fast – Flexible – Economic – Measurable – Accountable – Effective

Interactive Marketing Solutions Stock News

iSIGN Media Corp.’s patent pending Interactive Marketing Solution (IMS 3.1) provides businesses with an effective and easy to use content delivery vehicle combined with real time data capturing to provide the perfect business intelligence tool. Our complete IMS offering including our patent pending software and smart antenna makes location based interactive proximity advertising to mobile devices measurable, accountable, flexible and affordable.

Interactive Marketing Solutions Stock News

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Company Stock News

Announces Signed Contract Between We Build Apps and a Major Shopping Complex Located in Ohio. The contract covers installation of 500 Smart Antennas into a first Shopping Complex; Minimum Revenue to iSIGN is $2.7 million Canadian.

Recent news has pushed it above its 30 day moving average and it had exceeded $0.15 Canadian on a high volume breakout. The stock has been disappointing failing to move above its next resistance at $0.20 and move towards its 2 yr high of $0.28.

The Crocker people and their 22 developments could bring iSign significant revenues. Homeland Security and a major insurance company deemed the smart antenna as a safety device as well as a security device making the potential for new markets is limitless. One deal brings in 3 million times that by 20 deals because the insurance company theoretically gives a 20-25% premium discount to companies that use the smart antenna.

According to the iSign Media reseller, JEA Technologies, eHealth Consortium Group’s intention is to start installations in hospitals located in the State of Victoria.

Interactive Marketing Solutions Stock

Alex Romanov President & Chief Executive Officer, Director

Alex Romanov, CEO, has enjoyed a diverse work life rich in experience. He worked with industry leaders in his formative years, such as Motorola where he learned how to build and run a business. He then ported that expertise to Alpine Electronics, where for 16 years, with his leadership team, he built that organization into an industry leader. At Alpine Electronics, which was a direct subsidiary of Alps Electric Japan, he established the Canadian operation and in three short years grew the brand to enjoy #1 market share deposing then industry leaders Pioneer and Kenwood. Hand in hand with Alpine’s growth as a premium brand, Mr. Romanov, established and grew its OEM business, establishing Alpine standard equipment in BMW, Honda, Lamborghini and other automotive icons. After leaving Alpine in 1996 Mr. Romanov established his own marketing agency, bringing leading consumer electronic brands such as AST Computers into his portfolio and establishing sales and distribution for them, again winning the top market share for them over then industry giants Compac, IBM and Packard Bell. Mr. Romanov lead the acquisition team when Alpine acquired Luxman home audio, and parlayed this experience complimented by his rich experience later in his career as he developed and co-founded Spherex Inc., which developed and marketed an Xbox gaming audio system. Spherex was sold to a US concern in 2005. Alex has been iSIGN’s Chief Executive Officer since November 2007 and has successfully restructured the company, positioning it for rapid growth worldwide.


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