Using over 30 years of Wall Street, New York Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade experience, Mike King has developed an extensive network of analysts, investors and traders around the world.

Since establishing Princeton Research, Inc. in 1997 Mike has developed a variety of proven communication campaign programs designed to make public and private investors aware of selected, undervalued growth companies with unique social, environmental and life enhancing products and services. Princeton Research consultants have over 10 years of Internet “Traffic Engineering” experience, building multiple “e-highways” that drive traffic to client’s web sites. Using the power of the Internet to increase traffic to corporate web sites can rapidly produce more sales, generate increased investor interest, attract Joint Venture opportunities, bring in business expansion funding, establish brand name identity and position your company as a leader in its field.

Princeton Research, Inc. offers a full range of investment relations services designed to effectively communicate the messages of publically companies. Princeton strives to maximize shareholder value – working to facilitate the most effective communication between your small-cap company and the greater investment community.

Princeton does not work with just anyone, choosing to focus on helping companies which serve a necessary economic or social purpose. To see more on our current clients please visit our Featured Companies Page.

If your company has the right products and solid growth potential, Princeton Research can utilize print, newsletter, radio and Internet resource channels to effectively get your message out to the retail and institutional investors who want to know about your company and are ready to act on the information they receive.

Princeton Research can work with your company to establish new sources of financing, stimulate investment utilizing customized marketing strategies, and provide assistance to ensure compliance with all relevant securities laws and reporting requirements. Princeton and a strategic network of accounting, legal, and financial professionals will work with you to develop a customized plan to achieve your project and corporate goals.

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