Electric Vehicle Technology Stock

Electric Boat Technology Stock

Electric Vehicle Technology Stock

Electric Vehicle Technology Stock

Leo  Motors, Inc.

Stock Symbol: LEOM

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Leo Motors, Inc. is a electric vehicle technology stock involved in Electric Vehicle Development, Energy Storage Devices, Electric Conversion Kits and Electric Boat Technology.

Electric Vehicle Technology Stock

The company is a pioneering in electric vehicle battery swapping. Leo invented the patented battery replacement system which relieves any charging time. This innovative solution provides an easy way to replace (switch or swap out) batteries that need to be charged with fully charged ones. This is a vital benefit for electric vehicle public buses, taxies and delivery trucks do not have enough time to recharge the batteries because they usually operate more than 18 hours per day. Leo’s Battery Swapping Machines, it debunks the time required to fuel vehicles of equivalent size with gas. The battery swapping machines are carts which replace battery cartridges and neglects the requirement of expensive robot arms that crawl out of the  ground to handle massive battery packs. Using this shopping cart-sized device, 20 cartridges can be  replaced within 5 minutes.

<strong>electric vehicle technology stock</strong>

Leo has patents for the electric battery industry which we will be writing about in upcoming weekly reports. They have developed a lithium battery that can operate vehicles in sub-zero climates. Their subsidiary LGM has developed battery technology supported by the Korean government to make it possible to use electric battery technology for fishing boats. They have a cartridge system which is a light-weight replacement method of swapping electric batteries.

Fishing has been harmed by the noise and oil leaks from internal combustion engines. LGM has solved that problem and besides eliminating the toxic problem, operating costs are reduced by 25%.


In addition they have a special patent for averting electric hazards and shocks. Leo developed the Internet of Things for e-boats which is networked and connected with an Android Operating System. Leo’s power supply system is CAN (Controller Area Network) based, which enables mobile diagnostics between mobile devices and boats using the Leo technology.

undervalued <i>electric vehicle technology stock</i>

Leo is developing a battery swap system for Kalmado in Puerto Princesa, Philippines, a world famous   tourist attraction, which is focused on green energy. They will be converting 100 boats as the environment is expected to become 100% free of the toxicity from internal combustion engines. Also, Leo has developed a battery swap system for Go-Karts to be used in malls in China, Korea and Myanmar. Leo Motors has a new carbon nanotube battery power pack that functions and supplies full power in extreme low temperatures such as below 49 degrees without the need for grid electricity.


Robert Kang

Chairman & CEO

Dr. Kang has a Ph. D. in marketing and worked in the field of international advertising and corporate marketing for more than 30 years.  He began his carrier at Oricom, the largest ad agency in Korea and a McCann Ericson affiliate. He founded Ad Express and On&Off and managed the firms for 11 years. He served as president of Pico North Asian, a multinational global event marketing company in Hong Kong.  Dr. Kang has worked in the Company as CEO and interim CFO during 2008~2011. Currently, he is working as the chairman of Talent Donation  Consultant Association and Head Professor of Business Consultant Starter School of the City Government of Seoul. Dr. Kang focuses on  business development and financing of Leo Motors. He received his BS (literature) from Korea University, MA (Advertising) from University of Oregon, and Ph. D. (Marketing) at Dongguk University.






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Electric Vehicle Technology Stock