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Best Options Trading Alerts Service

Best Options Trading Alerts Service

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Best Options Trading Alerts Service

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Are Things Really This Bad?


Week 31 was what I hope will be a turning point in our performance.  This has been the biggest

draw-down in 6 years; although we were slightly lower in the options only account (-85), we were higher by $1,294 in the combined stock and option account.  Actually, even the options account is better than stated on “completed” trades since the open position in the GLD 8/135 calls finished the day Friday at $2.02, or an additional open equity of $808, with the open gain of $560.  This would put us back in the black.


Well, Trump got what he was asking for from the Fed, and after the initial gains, when it became apparent that the Fed was in fact seeing issues that they felt required the action we turn decidedly lower.  Rated fell through the prior support around 2.0% (10-year notes), the U.S. Dollar (page 5) fell back from recovery highs to start what may be a pull-back towards support 100 to 150 bps lower.


Looking at the A.A.I.I. SENTIMENT Survey results on the bottom page 3 show the Bullish number has finally moved up to its long term average and the Bears are well below its average.  The neutral (I don’t have a clue) is still elevated over its average.  This is an excellent set-up for the momentum to shift away from the trend, and after an almost 1000-point range from the highs of the week.


After watching the Sunday morning shows I came away with only one thought; there is absolutely no reason for anyone to own any gun that is not for personal protection or hunting.  AK-47 type weapons with high capacity magazines serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever except for killing other people.  I could care less if I lose a subscriber here and there, it is my opinion and as far as I am concerned, warrants no discussion at all.  If you disagree, feel free to cancel your subscription.


All I can say is that with all of the problems that have come to light about the misappropriation of funds for things outside the stated purpose of the NRA, I sincerely hope that run out of the necessary money for the Washington lobbyists to buy representation for the gun lobby.  Nothing would please me more.  If you want to open a discussion about this, feel free to email me and be sure to put “Guns” in the subject line so I can delete them without having to bother to read them.   CAM


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$10,000 Trading Account Trade Table


08/01 Sold 4 GLD August 135 Calls   1.24        496     248 Gain
08/01 Bought 8 GLD August 135 Calls   0.62  496    
07/30 Sold 3 WMT August 16th Calls   1.11        333     333 Loss
07/16 Bought 3 WMT August 16th 115 Calls   2.22  666    


3rd Week expiration when the month is listed without a date


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