Balanced Investing Strategies News Site Director Remembers Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

balanced investing market strategies

information news site director,

Mike King, remembers his

attendance at

Martin Luther King’s

last birthday party.


On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Princeton Research (see balanced investing market strategies information and news site director, J. Michael “Mike” King, remembers his attendance at Martin Luther King’s last birthday party.

Recalling this event Mike King quoted;

“I remember Martin Luther King when he invited me to his last birthday party with Andrew Young, although I had never met Andrew personally.”

“The guests were assembled in a circle in wicker furniture while another guest blindfolded would touch on the guests who at that point was required to perform in the Living Room singing whatever song they knew.”

“Since I knew no songs, scared I went into the kitchen to do dishes with Coretta.”

“I was invited because I was the first to hire black female workers in the South. I had begun Tuskegee Mills. Members from Sergeant Shriver’s group as well as Southern Rural Action were following my original plant set-up.”

In 1966 Mike King founded Tuskeegee Mills in Tuskeegee, Alabama. It was the first business entity that hired female black women for gainful employment in factory wage earning jobs. They were so immediately successful that Dr Martin Luther King reproduced them in other locations.  A Letter Of Attestation from Bernice Adams, one of the employees at the Mills can be seen at

More information on Mike’s bio and professional background can be seen at:

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Birthday Remembered