PRINCETON RESEARCH, INC. of NEVADA publishes the Market Strategies Newsletter to provide investors access to our proven Balanced Investing stocks, ETFs and options trading techniques, which provide portfolio protection while generating high return investing in up or down markets.

Our Market Strategies Newsletter VIP Subscriber Membership service has recently been enhanced by adding a $10,000 portfolio trading account and a text message trading alert service to give our subscribers immediate access to the winning trades we are making.

Princeton Research also provides a full array of effective investment relations services designed to benefit all types of publicly traded companies. We strive to maximize shareholder value – working to facilitate the most effective communication between your company and the greater investment community.

Founded in 1997 by Mike King, Princeton has from the outset been a company focused on delivering a personalized service to each client and their unique situation. Depending on each client’s particular needs and capitalization requirements Princeton has the capability to employ a variety of strategic tools to stimulate genuine interest from the investment community, not simply spikes in trading volume to increase liquidity of commercial paper.

The founder of Princeton Research, Mike King, spent nearly 30 years on Wall Street as a trader, broker, and principle of his own companies. In this time Mike not only learned the business from the inside out, but acquired the sort of relationships in the banking and financial community that are vital to the formation and capitalization of new businesses. Such a network is not achieved by happenstance and is not merely the product of coincidence. Rather it is the fruit which is borne after a career in the trading pits, board rooms, and brokerage houses with some of the most influential and well connected business people in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Princeton does not work with just anyone, choosing rather to focus on investments which serve an economic or social purpose. To see more on our current clients and featured companies — Click Here.

Princeton’s IR services include:

  • Issuing press releases
  • Answering shareholder questions,
  • Responding to investor inquires
  • Distributing information on new developments to interested investors
  • Interviewing and highlighting companies on nationally syndicated radio
  • Publishing customized research reports, investor summaires, presentations
    and promotional materials
  • Featuring companies in our Market Strategies Newsletter which is sent to
    over 9,000 recipients
  • Featuring and highlighting companies at financial trade shows and
  • Web site design, development, construction and hosting
  • Increasing Internet Presence and building brand identity for companies by using proven online marketing techniques to produce top search engine rankings and drive buyer traffic to your website

Princeton Research can work with your company to establish new sources of financing, stimulate investment utilizing customized marketing strategies, and provide assistance to ensure compliance with all relevant securities laws and reporting requirements. Princeton and a strategic network of accounting, legal, and financial professionals will work with you to develop a customized plan to achieve your project and corporate goals.

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